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They say charity begins at home and now, more than ever, that statement holds completely true. 29 year old Ana Raisa da Costa needs your help. A Margao girl all her life, she is now battling a multitude of serious medical complications which are ruining her chances of living a quality life. We would, therefore, request you to take some time out and read her story and help by giving a little something towards ensuring that she receives the best care.

Help Ana Raisa’s cause

Ana Raisa has been very sick for the last 4 months or so. What appeared to be a congenital lung defect soon reared its ugly head and resulted in a collapsed lung. Speaking to her family, it was a shock to learn that she has never had any health issues as severe as this in her young life. She underwent a Thoracoscopic decortication for empyema right lung on the 5th of June to rectify the problem. But soon after that, she developed an issue with her esophagus which was perforated. Surgery was done on the esophagus. But more complications arose, this time with her trachea. Adhesions were found on her trachea from the previous surgery and Ana Raisa required a tracheal stent to be put in.

Ana Raisa wasn’t out of the woods yet. More complications arose. She needed more help for a blockage in the stomach/intestinal region and a colonic conduit stent was put in. At present, Ana Raisa is battling lung and mediastinum infections which are being treated with antibiotics. She cannot even eat properly after the complication with her esophagus and therefore, is being fed through a jejunostomy tube.

With so many complications and surgeries, Ana Raisa is alert but very weak. She also needs help getting her strength back. Additionally, she needs further treatment for nutritional build up, infection control and local healing of the tracheal and colonic conduit. More surgery may be required if the healing doesn’t happen on its own or if her infections become worse.  But she is a fighter. Her friends know this and some have even verbalized it. We managed to get a few of them to talk about Ana Raisa’s fighting spirit.

Ana Raisa’s friends have something to say

“I’ve known Ana since we were kids. She’s one of the bravest, strongest girls I’ve ever known. Good natured and peace loving girl. She’s an inspiration for me!” – Nadine Coelho, Margao (she is one of Ana Raisa’s closest friends)

“In all the years that I know Ana, she has always been one of the gentle and silent workers. Always behind the scenes!” – Joshua Cordeiro, Saligao

“One of the most adored, humble and good-hearted souls I have ever come across. Always smiling, calm and ever so gentle is what comes to my mind when I think of Ana Raisa. Her gentle and loving nature has always made everyone feel at ease with her. Always so kind, helping others get through things. Her readiness and cheerfulness towards life is something I have always admired. Finding calm in the face of life’s challenges somehow comes naturally to her. It’s amazing to see her fight through her struggles with so much grace. Which makes her even more brave and beautiful.” – Astrida Fernandes, Margao

“I’ve known Ana for well over a decade. First, as my sister’s friend in the(youth for Christ) YFC, and then as a fellow member of the (Singles for Christ) SFC. She’s such a sweet-natured girl, who gets along with everyone. In all this time that I’ve known her, I don’t ever remember her complaining or being grumpy during the many conferences or weekends we’ve spent together as part of the CFC movement. No matter how difficult or unpleasant, she’d take it in her stride. She may be mild-mannered but that never stopped her from doing what was asked of her, she always said yes, be it dancing, singing or acting on stage. It’s unimaginable to know what exactly she is going through with this sickness, that keeps threatening to knock her down everytime she makes some headway. But knowing the Ana we know, she will fight this and win this, in her own tender way, no complaining, no grumbling, just persevering. And our Lord will reward her for this. God bless you, Ana!” – Sheena Viegas Menezes, Margao

“Ana Raisa would probably be the quietest in the room filled with people but if you speak to Ana for a few moments she’ll always leave you happy with nice stories. A girl who’s fought this battle so far definitely needs healing and be a witness to God’s work and make people understand what it means to be a fighter in bad health. Ana’s recovery will be an inspiration to many struggling Goans.” – Neshwin Almeida, Margao

An appeal for help!

So if Ana Raisa’s friends and acquaintances have all this to say about her, you can well imagine how much everyone is hoping for a swift recovery for her.

Besides being physically and mentally draining on Ana Raisa, it’s been a similar situation for her family. Multiple surgeries and treatments have taken a toll on all of them. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the medical bills. Therefore, after reading about Ana Raisa’s plight, this is an appeal for help. You can do a great deed and donate towards saving her life.

Check out all the details in the link below and please help however and wherever you can. You don’t need to know her. You just need to know that this definitely is a legitimate request for help from her family and her friends.

Support Ana Raissa’s Battle for Life

Get well soon Ana Raissa! Goa is rooting for you!