Shimagne Rajan of Deep Breathe Yoga

In Record Time – featuring Shimagne Rajan of Deep Breathe Yoga


About 6 years ago, when Shimagne Rajan was a sophomore in King’s College London, she had no idea she was going to be a Yoga instructor half a  decade later. She didn’t have the slightest connection to the art form, nor did she think that she would end up in her hometown of Goa where she was born and raised. Instead, she was learning about resolving policies, understanding economic forecast, studying world political views and the economies they effect, thinking one day she might be in the United Nations – but the universe has its own plans. Those plans involved an accident, a return to Goa, and the opening of Deep Breathe Yoga Studio.

The football playing, sports loving, beach hungry Shimagne Rajan moved back to Goa two years ago after the call to come home became unbearable. While here and looking to do something productive with her life, she took to yoga as a form of physiotherapy and relaxation, and it consumed her. As her connection with the art form grew thanks to her curiosity and dedication, she found herself moving to Bangalore for a brief stint to enrol with a1000 yoga academy to become a certified yoga instructor in the art of Hatha Yoga, a practise that dates back to the 2nd Century BC, and later, opening her own studio called Deep Breathe Yoga in her hometown of Margao.

Shimagne Rajan of Deep Breathe Yoga Studio

Hatha Yoga is a progressive practise that indicates specific yogic sequences. In order to achieve higher goals on the path of yoga, one needs to keep the body and mind in a healthy and stable state. So to bring about this balance, Hatha Yoga is practised in a progressive state which includes Asanas, Pranayama and Shatkarmas, Mudras, Bandhas.

Since today is World Yoga Day and coincidentally World Music Day, we caught up with Shimagne to find out what music she listens to while practising Hatha Yoga. Her eclectic choice in music spans various genres that are guaranteed to help you relax, meditate, find inner peace, and if nothing else, open your world to a brand new mix of music. The list covers music in both Hindi and English, so there should be something for everyone in there. To enrol in a class with Shimagne Rajan at Deep Breathe Yoga studio, visit their website at You can also call Shimagne at 7760141824.

Shimagne Rajan of Deep Breathe Yoga Studio

To My Groom – Ishvari: “This song has a beautiful rhythmic flow to it which I generally use when I am doing a vinyasa practice”

Dreamcatcher – Bahramji & Maneesha De Moor:  “I just love the intensity of this song”

Clouds – Ganga: “I love fusion music, and this particular track has a really interesting Indo-Western touch”

Bhawaani – Ishvari: “I do the same practice every day and sometimes I tend to get bored doing the same postures. Playing this track helps me overcome this mental obstacle. Perfection is attained practising the same thing every day no matter what.”

Om Mani Padme Hum: “This song helps you to be still and is great for meditation.

A Journey to India – Karunesh: “While I’m doing my personal practise, this song allows me to stay present and focus on my breathing”

Shivoham – Manish Vyas: “The words, rather the mantra in this song is so powerful; it gets me everytime!”

OM PURNAMADAH PURNAMIDAM: “This is a mantra of deep inner peace, and is used to connect with the infinite source of energy and creativity in all of us. I generally play this while I am doing a hatha practice or during pranayama because it helps me slow down and pace myself.”

Wish U Were here – Bliss: “This song allows me to tune into myself, get onto my mat, stabilise myself and stay grounded)

Grounded – Sacred Earth: “To feel the intensity of this one, simply close your eyes and feel your breath”