India Bike Week 2022 Brings Fuel, Fire and Carnivorous Desire to Goa


Asia’s largest bike festival India Bike Week (IBW) 2022, in association with PETRONAS Sprinta is all set to offer larger-than-life experiences with this year’s special attractions such as 5 different race tracks,
Wheelie Training, Biker’s Mart (Indoor & Outdoor Expo), Big Trip sessions, Ladakh Tent, the Club Village, Jameson’s Howling Dog Bar, and others on 2nd and 3rd December 2022 at Vagator, Goa. IBW, which is coming back to Goa after a three-year hiatus, will provide the biking community with more events and attractions than ever before. The Big Forkers Meat Fest is one of the event’s unique attractions. With IBW, The Big Forkers debut India’s first and biggest event devoted to all things meat.

The Big Forkers Meat Fest and India Bike Week perfectly pair fuel, fire and carnivorous desire. Dedicated to all things meat from different parts of India and globally in Goa the Meat Fest features five chefs and pit masters curated by the Forkers themselves, who bring their personal styles of grilling, whole hog cooking, BBQ-ing and smoking meat to the hungry riding into Goa from across India. The five pitmasters curated by the Forkers have something special to offer at the meat fest. Starting from Chef Christopher Fernandes AKA Meat Jesus has a passion for open fire cooking , cured & smoking meats low and slow. Prepared on a live wood fire, including the smoked maple espresso bacon, smoked five spice duck breast, beef tenderloin pastrami, fennel garlic pepper smoked ham, and more will be available for the people to relish at the festival. Chef Arjun Sikdar, a fire and open fire cooking enthusiast, learned how to smoke and cook meat kilo by kilo, wood log by wood log. He will provide smoked meat, cooked to perfection with his exclusive method and local ingredients to get the most flavour.

Chef Geoff, a BBQ aficionado will be serving Smoke Barbeque which is said to be the best smoked meat found in India. Aalistar Lethorn aka Chef Aal learned how to cook at home and build equipment from scratch like his own smokers. Showcasing his twenty years of culinary skills is all set to bring the flavour of Dimapur, Nagaland to the rest of India. Steak connoisseur, Chef Oneal is on a mission to bring out lost recipes from Cochin to the world. His concept “Mus’adth” is based on the iconic mustard sauce from old Portuguese Cochin which will be served alongside pulled pork made in the Cochin Vindalho way at IBW. Also on the menu is “Cupim” or Hump which has never been on any menu since
Independence and what better way to bring it back than at India’s first of its kind meat fest curated by the best of the best.
For everyone, especially bike and cuisine enthusiasts, the 8th edition of India Bike Week has a lot to offer. Visit the unique meat festival to sample smoked meats and witness some fascinating races at the event.