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An Indian Gamer Who Dreams To Turn His Passion Into His Business

Kausheek Kishor Naik is an Indian gamer who runs the ‘Goan Gamer‘ – a gaming systems builder for upcoming gamers and designers alike.

The team of ItsGoa caught up with him and put him under the spotlight.
Humans of Goa is our original and official series that shares stories from the lives of Goans. Humans of Goa is made for and made up of Goans.

Let’s get started.

If anyone were to ask you, “Please introduce yourself”. How would you do so?

My name is Kausheek, I’m 28 years old. I hold degree in Information Technology (B. E), graduated from Goa College of Engineering.
After few years of professional jobs in startups/corporate world, I
quit to turn my passion into a profession. After initial years of YouTube and being the first and the biggest gaming live streamer from Goa, with an intention of helping and nurturing young gamers out there in the state, I now run a sole proprietorship firm named “Goan Gamer” where we build and assemble custom high end desktops for young gamers, photo/video editors and designers.

Image Credit – Goan Gamer

What was that one moment when you decided that, “That’s it! I want to become a pro-gamer”

I wouldn’t call myself a pro gamer because the definition of a pro Gamer is a person who is paid by an organization to play for them (this is as good as a sports athlete is paid by his/her club to play for their franchise). I would call myself a gaming influencer. I’m more of a person to whom anyone can
come and freely talk to and with years of experience of gaming i can guide them through their difficulties and also help them building their gaming machines.
But yes if I had to be specific to your question – I was really bored of same daily 9-5 routine work. I realized that I was not meant for this and can do
something of my own always. Gaming was always a part of me. In my spare time you would always find me sitting on a computer playing games. I felt stagnant at my daily 9-5 job leaving me with no option to go ahead with my passion and something which I was good at.

Image Credit – Goan Gamer

Why gaming? and not painting or playing badminton?

My then girlfriend ( and now my wife), Ruchita, gifted with an expensive gaming mouse for my birthday. Gaming mouse used to be very expensive back in the days. I still remember it cost around 4K. She had been saving her pocket money since many months for this mouse. When I started using the mouse, back in my mind I always had this feeling that I should be putting this huge investment to good use. started spending even more time on games got addicted to them. I participated in LAN tournaments held in various gaming cafes across Goa. I won many tournaments and that’s when I was completely into gaming and I never felt like switching to some other hobby.
Though I used to play football a lot, gaming took over as I got older.

Image Credit – Goan Gamer

A bit about your role models. Any aspects or traits that makes them so… (can be from the
gaming community too)

I follow sports a lot. Mostly football. Growing up I started following Premier league football and fell in love with Manchester United. So I had many footballers from the club as role models when I grew up. Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo were few of them. Purely due to their work ethics day in day out.
Outside football I can say Freddie Mercury, for breaking the stereotype and standing out amongst rest and mesmerizing everyone with his voice.

What role did family and friends play? Any quick incident you recall?

Friends and family were always supportive from early days till now and I’m sure they will continue to support me. During my academics days I never compromised on studies so there was no reason for my parents to have a problem. Other than that my wife was also supportive and she played a crucial role in motivating me.

She was the one who pushed me to turn my passion into profession. I was really lucky and fortunate that Everyone was by my side. A special mention to my wife’s brother in law as well who helped in initial days of starting my venture. I’m really happy that we were able to help so many gamers in Goa in last 7-8 months by building customized gaming desktops for them.

Image Credit – Goan Gamer

What is the legacy you want to leave behind? And for whom?

The idea of passion which is out of the box are supported and accepted by society to be turned into a profession. Not necessarily Gaming alone but anything and everything else too.
We are living in 21st century and fear of the society should not hold back on your dreams.
This is my message to everyone who is reading this. And especially for gamers. The gaming industry will be huge and surpassing every other industry in few years time. So hold on to your dreams and make your moves in order to achieve them.

You can catch a snippet of this conversation on ItsGoa‘s Instagram page. Humans of Goa is our original and official series that shares stories from the lives of Goans. ‘Humans of Goa’ celebrates the spirit of every Goan.
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