Get ready to become insane! Infected Mushroom is coming to Goa

It’s 2007, over a decade ago, and every major club in Goa is going crazy over one song, and one song alone. As the night draws to an end, ecstatic crowds can be heard chanting, “I’m becoming insane, insane; I’m becoming insane, insane.” No, it’s not an apocalyptic take over. It’s the effect of the Israeli music duo, Infected Mushroom, that has captivated EDM lovers across the world. And for a state that is going berserk over Israeli trance, this track has pretty much become an anthem. Needless to say, the memory of that period in time here in Goa is still fresh for many, and for those for who it isn’t, it’s about to be refreshed. Infected Mushroom is set to perform right here in Goa this Sunday. Pun totally intended it’s going to be insane!

The best selling group in Israeli music history

Formed in 1996 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, Infected Mushroom is the gold standard in psytrance, electronica, dream trance and psychedelic music. It’s no wonder they’re one of the best-selling groups in Israeli music history in their native Israel and across the world. Unlike many other trance acts, their stage shows include live vocals and analogue instrumentation, showcasing their unique blend of acoustic guitars, synthesised bass, and infectious drum beats. With influences that range from The Prodigy to Metallica, their first few albums released between 1996 and 2004 helped them introduce a new wave of Israeli trance to mainstream audiences, outside of their home country. Their 2004 album IM The Supervisor, became their best selling album to date, and it was in the same year that the trance duo became a full-fledged live act with the hiring of guitarists Thomas Cunningham and Erez Netz, and later in 2007, Brazilian percussionist Rogério Jardim.

Infected Mushroom Live


Becoming insane, and getting the world to follow suit

In 2007, Infected mushroom released what was probably their most eclectic offering in the bands promising career. The album, Vicious Delicious, was an instant hit, led by that infectious track Becoming Insane, popular because of it’s Spanish guitars lyrics courtesy of Gil from Kinky. The track spread like wildfire, and here in Goa, it became a staple of nightclubs across the state. The popularity of Infected Mushroom continued to increase with the likes of Legend of the Black Shawarma, their 2009 album that includes a remix of The Doors song Riders on the Storm, and continues their stylistic variety and use of guest vocalists. 

Infected Mushroom has been very active over the last decade, with two albums released between 2012 and 2015, and a slew of tours across North America, including their sold-out run, The Unveiling, that featured revamped stage production and novel audio/visual live aspects. The new live production featured Erez and Duvdev within two specially designed hollow spheres placed on the stage, among other high tech additions to the band’s live set-up and multimedia backdrop. The duo also took up production duties for Lady Gaga on her third studio effort, Artpop.

Present-day Mushrooms 

12 studio albums later, Infected Mushroom is still giving trance fans the world over a dose of musical genius every time they step onto a stage. This time around, they’re bringing that unique blend of Israeli trance to the Goan shores, and we couldn’t be more excited. As headliners at the Hilltop Music Festival in Vagator, the band will be performing this Sunday the 23rd of February at the event, and tickets are already on sale here.  If you need to brush up on your Infected Mushroom vibes, make sure to check out Change the Formality, Pink Nightmares, and of course, Becoming Insane. But don’t blame us if that one gets stuck in your head. 

Do you have memories of the good old trance days of the early to mid-2000s here in Goa? We’d love to hear from you. Drop a line in the comments below to start a conversation.

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