Desserts for the Hungry Monsters [Interview]

Alisha Sequeira, a girl living in Mumbai with Goan roots, was a model and copywriter by profession before she took the major step of setting up her own business. She came up with the idea of setting up a food-truck called ‘Hungry Monsters Dessert Truck’ selling amazing desserts to the people of Navi Mumbai. Read more about what she has to say about her business.

What is your business all about?

It is about serving up gourmet desserts to Navi Mumbai by offering things not available here.

What was the motive behind starting your business?

“I have been a home baker for three years. But there is only so much a home baker can do. I wanted to expand the business, but a conventional baking store was too boring. That’s when I came across Eat Street, a TV show that gave me the idea of a Dessert Truck.”


How have the people of Mumbai accepted your business so far?

“I am based in Navi Mumbai only. It’s getting a good response here. We took a while to figure out a good location, but now it’s picking up with a lot of repeat customers too.”

Have the laws or authorities been a barrier to you while setting up? Do they make it difficult for you to run smoothly?

“Yes, they have been a barrier to my business. It is an everyday struggle.”

What are the varieties of desserts you have to offer?

“We serve cookies, cookie slabs, brownies, shot cupcakes, tarts, quiches, pies, cheesecakes, hand pies, éclairs, choux, meringues, muffins and hot chocolate. We also have vegan options in certain desserts.”

Which is your best selling or personal favorite?

“My personal favorites are the cookie bars and the cheesecakes.”

Where did you learn the art of making these wonderful desserts?

‘I am a self-taught baker who learned through different YouTube tutorials and blogs.”

Tell us something about your Goan roots.

“My mom is from Goa. Her parents have a house in Chandor. So we visit the place often.”

What did you do before setting up ‘Hungry Monsters Dessert truck’?

“I used to work as a copywriter and a model. I still freelance as a model.”

What was your biggest fear/challenge in setting up your business?

“Getting the permits in place and setting up the commercial kitchen is one big challenge that I faced.”

We wish Alisha the best of luck in her business endeavor. If you heard of any good businesses run by Goans in other parts of the world, feel free to comment below or write to us.


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