Joecons Garden Restaurant presents full range of casual and fine dining options tempting you to experience the delicious taste sensations of the freshest Seafood available with innovative blends of flavors to excite your taste buds.

A garden with beautiful landscaping, flowers that perhaps are not found blooming elsewhere, garden cane chairs with a touch of class with white damask tablecloths for dinner – Miguel Rodrigues has created a concept of sorts which perhaps would find very competitors in its league. The restaurant is named after his parents, and his wife Succorina still helps maintain the traditional touch by making the masalas at home. And although the restaurant has a retained the traditional wood fire concept in food preparations. Michael’s trawler gets in the fresh catch of the day. Start with the Loos Calamari (squid tossed in spring onion, garlic and red chillies), very light seasoning to bring out the flavour of the fish. Another fusion preparation is the Greeny Prawns, a mix of the Goan and Orient, coriander with a touch of those Chinese herbs.

The home prepared green masala, very popular in local homes is featured in his menu. The fish is marinated in the masala and cooked to perfection. The spicy Pesto Fish Fillet Rolled – a great way to serve a Grilled salmon steak (boneless) with pesto, sun flower or pumpkin seeds in chilies flavour rather than the classic basil and pine nuts.
This year some new preparations are incorporated on the menu. Crunchy Chicken (marinated thin slices of chicken breast, rolled in crushed cornflakes and deep fried), Fillet to de Manzo (Pan fried Tenderloin cooked to your choice sauce with pepper and mushroom sauce), and a bonanza for seafood lovers – Ocean in a Basket (selection of sea food like Shrimps , Calamari, fillet fish batter and deep fried).


The cooking is done in a unique way. The dish marinated in its spices is put on a tray and then placed in a wood fire oven (very similar to the pizza ovens). The wood from the tamarind tree imparts its own smoky flavor to the dish. And as you sit in the garden the cooling mists of spray from overhead pipes creating a hill station effect, the live entertainment a boost to your spirits, besides of course the glass in your hand, remember the new mantra in town called ‘Cheers at Joecons.’

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