Jogging turns risky in Fatorda

The jogging track used by hundreds of locals is in dire need of repairs.

The 852 meters jogging track around Fatorda stadium poses a risk to joggers, and other athletes who practice daily on its turf. Large chunks of rubberized track have come off as the turf has lost its grip on the concrete bed. Making it dangerous for senior citizens and other differently-able citizens to walk on.

The 22-year-old concrete jogging track was rubberised six years ago. According to sources the track had to be repaired after two years. Despite citizens pleading with the Sports Authority of Goa’s (SAG’s) Avertano Furtado, from South Goa, nothing has happened.


Citizens complained of empty promises by the authority. Raikar, a regular at the track claims that the minister told him that the turf would be repaired the next day. “This conversation happened in the month of March, and we are in September now; nothing has happened till date,” Raikar said.

In defence, the Executive Engineer of SAG technical cell, Ankush Goankar said that the tendering process is on. The entire turf will be changed to the tune of lakhs of rupees and should take a month to restore.

In addition, many joggers complained about stray dogs littering and causing a nuisance. I hope the track is repaired soon and the safety needs of the joggers are met. Fatorda Stadium was one of the best stadiums in Goa. It has seen many of Goa’s eminent sports persons practice on that turf. 

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