Rescue Operation by coast guard and Drishti

Joint rescue operation by Indian Coast Guard, INS Hansa and Drishti saves life of army officer


Earlier today off the coast of Cabo de Rama, a man slipped from the rocks and fell into the choppy waters. An alert lifeguard spotted the man and launched the jet ski but was unable to reach him due to the rocky terrain, high waves and dangerous conditions. The senior lifeguard Amitava threw a rescue tube and log for the man in distress to cling onto while help arrives. Simultaneously a call was placed to the Indian coast guard control room and INS Hansa and helicopter back-up were called for. A coast guard SAR Helo rushed to the area while the lifeguards directed the team to the accurate spot. In a dramatic rescue operation Himmat Singh, aircrew driver (ACD) from the coast guard team rescued the stranded victim. The victim was rushed to the hospital for medical assistance and is stable post the heroic rescue operation.

The rescued man is a 26-year-old army officer posted in Pune who was in Goa on a short visit.

In the last 24 hours, lifeguards have carried out rescue operations for 3 other individuals. Calangute saw a double rescue where two male tourists were rescued from the rough waters. Meanwhile, in Colva, a male was rescued from the Colva creek. The victim had bruises and was shivering due to hypothermia. He was rushed to the tower and kept warm while first aid was administered. The ambulance was called for and the victim was handed over to the medical team for further treatment.

Over the next few days, strong winds and showers are likely to be witnessed along the coastal stretch. Accordingly, Drishti advises visitors to the beach not to venture into the sea or on rocky areas during the monsoon months. Even wading into the waters is not advisable. The frequency of high-intensity waves is very high in monsoons and there is a possibility that the human body may not be able to withstand it and may get washed away. High-velocity winds occur in gusts and one is advised to walk at least 05 – 07 meters off the waterline at all times to avoid any accidents.