Pakora festival at Novotel

It’s raining pakoras and chai at the Novotel this monsoon season


A few weeks ago, in anticipation of the monsoons, we wrote about how the rains bring out the strangest food cravings. The whole year round you can find mirchi pakoras and kappas available at these little roadside vendors, but we literally walk right through them. Come the monsoons, however, and we line up for a plate of steaming hot onion pakoras, and a glass of chai (or should I say chao). Why? That’s a question that hasn’t been, and probably never will be answered. So instead of trying to find meaning, we’ve found pakoras – and lots of them at the Novotel Goa Resort and Spa in Candolim, and the Novotel Goa Shrem Hotel in Candolim.

Pakoras and chai at NovotelThe idea of this mini-festival happening over the course of two weeks is to amplify the nostalgia that accompanies a platter of mouth-watering pakoras, and finely crafted chai. The folks at the Novotel are curating a special menu that includes a variety of deep-fried delights. Between 4pm and 7pm starting June 15, you can indulge in a fine selection of your favourite spicy mirchi-pakoras, aloo pakoras, and onion pakoras. You’ll even find paneer pakoras. But if you’re a carnivore, the selection gets even more exciting, because apart from just pakoras, you will also find meat stuffed puffs and samosas. A word of advice here, don’t leave before trying the unique potato cashew nut samosa – a hopefully soon to be Goan classic! All these fine crispy delights will, of course, be accompanied by tea, however, you like it. Whether it’s a flavoured instant brew, a classic boiled chai, or maybe even iced in a tall glass, the choice is yours.

Novotel Goa Resort and Spa in Candolim, and the Novotel Goa Shrem Hotel in Candolim is going the extra mile to make sure your monsoon gets off to the perfect start. Bring your family and friends and make a day of it! The festival is on between 4 pm and 7 pm every day, starting from the 15th of June, right up until the end of the month. If you’d like to make a reservation you can do so by calling 0832 7112424. Do you have fond memories of eating pakoras and drinking chai during the monsoon? Share it with us in the comments below.