Journey of Love and Adventure: The Story of Myron and Sushmita



Myron and Sushmita, a couple deeply in love and driven by a shared passion for travel and content creation, have an inspiring story that spans a decade. Their journey, which began in 2014, has seen them explore multiple countries, create engaging travel content, and build a supportive online community. Based in London, UK, they continue to inspire others with their adventures and relationship insights.

Personal Information

Myron hails from the picturesque village of Merces in Goa, while Sushmita comes from the charming and vibrant village of St. Cruz, also in Goa. Their bond, strengthened over ten years, has seen them relocate to London, where they currently reside. Together, they have built a life that seamlessly blends their love for travel and content creation.

Travel Background

Over the years, Myron and Sushmita have visited six countries together. Their travel experiences include memorable trips to Lisbon, Portugal; Venice, Rome, and the Vatican City in Italy; Oia in Santorini, Greece; Paris, France; Marrakech, Morocco; and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Each destination has added a unique chapter to their travel diary, filled with adventure, romance, and cultural immersion.

Most Memorable Trip

The couple’s most memorable trip was to Oia, Santorini, which holds a special place in their hearts as their honeymoon destination. The breathtaking sunsets, romantic walks through picturesque villages, and mesmerising local cuisine made this trip unforgettable. They cherish the moments spent sipping champagne in a private jacuzzi overlooking the caldera, which illustrates the romance and beauty of Santorini.

Dream Travel Destination

Myron and Sushmita dream of visiting Bora Bora, a destination renowned for its stunning natural beauty. The crystal-clear turquoise waters, overwater bungalows, and lush greenery create a serene and romantic atmosphere, perfect for capturing breathtaking sunsets and snorkelling in vibrant coral gardens. As content creators, they envision documenting their experiences and immersing themselves in the unique Polynesian culture.

Content Creation Journey

Since 2020, Myron and Sushmita have been actively creating travel content. They primarily use Instagram and TikTok, and recently started exploring YouTube Shorts. Their journey into content creation began during the COVID-19 pandemic, which ignited their desire to share their travel experiences and inspire others to explore the world.

Inspiration Behind Content Creation

Their inspiration to create travel content stems from a shared passion for exploring new places and experiencing diverse cultures. From their first trip together to Lisbon, they realised the transformative power of travel and the joy it brought them. This realisation sparked a desire to document and share their adventures, hoping to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and discover the beauty and richness that the world has to offer.

Travel Preferences

Myron and Sushmita prefer staying in budget hotels, which allows them to allocate more of their budget towards exploring and experiencing the destination. Budget accommodations provide the essential comforts and amenities they need, offering a cosy place to rest without the high price tag of luxury hotels. This approach aligns with their travel philosophy of immersing themselves in the local culture and making the most of their time exploring new places.

Accommodation Choices

As a couple and travel content creators, they typically choose hotels and Airbnbs for their accommodations. These options offer comfort and flexibility, allowing them to fully explore and document their destinations.

Top Three Travel Essentials

  1. Reliable Smartphone: Essential for navigation, communication, and capturing content on the go.
  2. Portable Charger: Keeps their devices powered during long days of exploration.
  3. Travel Insurance: Provides peace of mind and coverage for unexpected events, ensuring a worry-free trip.

Content Style and Strategy

Their content style is a blend of romantic holidays, funny videos, story videos, relationship captions and advice, and adventurous travel content. They enjoy creating videos the most, but also appreciate the occasional photo content. To plan their content ahead of trips, they research destinations, outline key themes and locations, prepare scripts for story videos, scout romantic and adventurous spots, and brainstorm relationship advice and funny content ideas to ensure a diverse and engaging mix.

Challenges and Highlights

Creating travel content as a couple comes with its own set of challenges, such as coordinating schedules, managing different creative visions, and balancing personal time with work responsibilities. However, these challenges also provide opportunities to strengthen their collaboration and create unique content that resonates with their audience.

Challenging Situation Overcome

During their trip to Marrakech, they faced a challenging situation at the airport when a long security check queue caused them to miss their flight. The unexpected delay forced them to rearrange their travel plans. However, the flight crew members were incredibly understanding and provided them with a free flight ticket for a future journey. This experience underscored the importance of patience and the kindness of others while travelling, turning a stressful setback into a positive lesson about resilience and hospitality.

Highlight of Their Journey

The highlight of their travel content creation journey so far has been their experience in Marrakech. They were deeply moved by the warmth and kindness of the local people. Sharing the beauty of the place and the genuine hospitality they encountered became a standout moment for them, allowing them to connect with their audience on a deeper level and showcase the incredible cultural richness of Marrakech.

Engagement and Audience

Myron and Sushmita engage with their audience through regular interaction on social media platforms like Instagram. They share their travel experiences, respond to comments and messages promptly, and create polls to foster direct communication. Additionally, they encourage audience participation by asking for travel recommendations and feedback on their content. This interactive approach strengthens their connection with their audience and builds a supportive and engaged community around their travel adventures.

Impactful Feedback

One of the most impactful feedbacks they have received from their followers was regarding their relationship journey. Many were inspired by their story of being together for ten years, especially during periods of long-distance. Their relationship content resonated deeply with their audience, inspiring them to venture into new destinations and experience diverse cultures.

Balancing Authenticity and Polished Feed

Balancing authentic experiences with a polished feed involves capturing genuine moments while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. They prioritise real-time updates and candid shots alongside planned photoshoots, ensuring their audience sees both the raw beauty of their adventures and the curated visuals that reflect their content style.

Future Plans

For the upcoming year, Myron and Sushmita’s travel bucket list includes destinations that offer unique cultural experiences, natural beauty, and adventure. They are excited to visit Brazil, Barcelona, and Iceland. Additionally, they have an upcoming collaboration with a brand for their travel content during their July trip, marking a significant breakthrough into paid collaborations.

Evolution of Their Journey

In the future, they envision their travel and content creation journey evolving towards more diverse destinations and deeper storytelling. They aim to explore off-the-beaten-path locations, delve into cultural immersion, and advocate for sustainable travel practices. They also plan to expand their multimedia approach, incorporating more video content and interactive experiences to engage their audience in new and innovative ways.

Advice and Tips for Aspiring Content Creators

Their advice to other couples starting out in creating travel content includes following your passion, starting small, planning together while staying flexible, and prioritising your relationship. Balancing travel, content creation, and maintaining a healthy relationship requires careful planning and communication. They suggest creating a schedule, setting boundaries, prioritising communication, making time for each other, and celebrating milestones.

Staying Motivated and Inspired

Staying motivated and inspired to continuously create content involves finding a balance between passion, discipline, and self-care. Their love for each other, for exploring new places, and for sharing their experiences drives their motivation. Scheduled breaks, community engagement, and recognizing the importance of rest and recharge help them maintain creativity and prevent burnout.


Myron and Sushmita’s journey as travel content creators is a testament to their love for each other and their passion for exploring the world. Their story, filled with adventures, challenges, and memorable moments, continues to inspire their audience. As they look forward to future travels and content creation, they remain committed to sharing their experiences and encouraging others to discover the beauty and richness that the world has to offer.