Vegetarian Paradise: Ankita’s Goa Adventure


Ankita Nagvekar Bhaip, a resident of Pilerne, Bardez in the picturesque state of Goa, embarked on her influencer journey in 2019, driven by her passion for vegetarian cuisine and culinary exploration. As a dedicated vegetarian, her journey began organically as she and her husband, Tushar Bhaip, frequently ventured out to discover new restaurants across Goa. With a background in digital marketing, Ankita swiftly recognized the potential of influencer marketing and decided to document their dining adventures on social media platforms, predominantly Instagram and Facebook. Her engaging content not only highlights the diverse vegetarian offerings in Goa but also inspires others to explore and appreciate vegetarian cuisine.

Ankita’s Unique Niche

What distinguishes Ankita’s blog, Veg Food Trails, from others is its exclusive focus on vegetarian gastronomy. Being a vegetarian herself, Ankita aimed to spotlight the diverse and flavorful vegetarian options that abound in Goa. She quickly established herself as the first and only vegetarian food blogger in the region, resonating deeply with an audience eager for meat-free dining experiences.

Combining Food and Travel

Initially centred on food blogging, Ankita’s journey soon evolved to integrate travel experiences seamlessly into her content. Recognizing the intrinsic connection between food and travel, she began sharing her culinary discoveries alongside insights into local cultures and traditions. This fusion not only enriched her content but also provided her followers with a holistic view of Goa’s culinary and cultural tapestry.

Content Creation and Style

Ankita’s content style is marked by meticulous attention to detail and vivid descriptions, especially in her thorough restaurant reviews. She goes beyond listing dishes, offering immersive descriptions of ambiance—covering decor and overall atmosphere. Each dish she samples is meticulously detailed with names, prices, and ingredients, complemented by her personal reflections on flavours, textures, and presentation. This approach empowers her audience to make informed dining choices, providing a nuanced understanding of each culinary experience. Ankita’s eloquence captures the essence of dishes and dining venues, guiding her followers through Goa’s diverse vegetarian cuisine with insightful and engaging content.

Navigating Challenges

During the COVID-19 pandemic, like many influencers, Ankita encountered significant challenges that disrupted both travel and dining norms. However, she adeptly transformed adversity into opportunity by pivoting to create compelling content from the comfort of home. This period became a catalyst for Ankita to delve deeper into recipe development and to experiment with emerging content formats such as Instagram reels. Her swift adaptation to the evolving digital landscape not only sustained her engagement with followers but also broadened her platform’s appeal, showcasing her versatility and resilience in navigating uncertain times.

The Vegetarian Culinary Landscape of Goa

Ankita is passionate about debunking misconceptions about Goa being solely a destination for non-vegetarians and seafood enthusiasts. Through Veg Food Trails, she highlights Goa’s vibrant vegetarian culinary scene, uncovering hidden gems and celebrating traditional Goan vegetarian thalis. Her platform serves as an invaluable guide for vegetarians seeking authentic dining experiences in the coastal state.

Influencer Collaborations

Ankita’s influence extends beyond her online presence through collaborations with diverse brands and tourism boards. These partnerships have enriched her content with exclusive experiences such as menu previews, food festivals, and intimate chef’s table events. Such collaborations not only bolster her credibility but also offer her audience unique insights into Goa’s rich culinary heritage and cultural offerings.

Future Endeavours

Looking ahead, Ankita remains steadfast in her commitment to evolving her content while remaining authentic to her niche. She is dedicated to continuously exploring new flavours and discovering hidden destinations not only within Goa but also beyond its borders. With each post and recommendation, Ankita endeavours to ignite inspiration among her audience, sharing her passion for vegetarian cuisine and travel experiences that transcend borders. Her journey serves as a testament to the profound impact of passion and dedication in shaping how individuals perceive and engage with food and travel, fostering a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and culinary exploration.


Ankita Nagvekar Bhaip’s journey as a vegetarian food and travel influencer in Goa underscores the significance of authenticity and niche expertise in digital influencing. Her dedication to promoting vegetarian cuisine and exploring local flavours has not only garnered a loyal following but also positioned her as a prominent advocate for vegetarian dining in Goa. As she continues to share her discoveries and insights, Ankita inspires others to embrace the rich diversity of vegetarian dining options available, fostering a deeper appreciation for culinary exploration in Goa and beyond.