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Waves, sun & lots of fun is what La Calypso is all about. La Calypso is the right place to be! if you are a globe trotter, corporate guest, a family on vacation, foodie, happy go lucky or if you are looking to organize an event, party, wedding..

At La Calypso, there are numerous options available for all types of stay, amenities, settings and pricing, inorder to anticipate and fulfill your desires. With beautiful place, warm hospitality and excellent service it’s a given that your time spent at La Calypso will be the most memorable moments!

With resorts, hotel, restaurant, casinos and many more offerings, this place is one among the best in the Hospitality industry of Goa. At La Calypso, the priority is comfort and convenience of the guests. The facilities and amenities provided , not only satisfy the necessities of our clientele, but also indulge them in luxury.


La Calypso also promises a whole new experience of complete calmness and serene, through “Swarna Spa”, which brings together the wellness and well being.

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