La La Land Goa

Welcome to La La Land Goa – a two day festival of happiness and music


The festival of Holi bursts upon us this weekend in an explosion of brilliant colors and fun. Everyone enjoys it just like they enjoy the ‘assalto’ at the time of Carnival. But, if you’re not up for all that and want to do something different, head on up to the Museum of Goa in Saligao. They are hosting La La Land Goa, a two-day music festival filled with happiness and magic, as the tagline promises.

La La Land Goa is going to be a magical event!

It promises to be magical and you too can be a part of the festivities at this event.  La La Land Goa will act as a melting pot of cultures. It will bring forth a magical experience through music, world food and international acts with sustainability being the paramount concern.

For two days, the festival will have over thirteen spectacular acts from India and around the world. There will be International acrobatic acts comprising of a breathtaking aerial show, Trapeze entertainment, Chinese pole acrobatics along with roaming juggling acts and artists on stilts. The festival will also host Goa’s largest drum circle ever. You definitely want to be a part of it!

La La Land Goa takes place against the backdrop of the ‘Carpet of Joy’, artist Subodh Kerkar’s famous art installation in Saligao. This particular piece of art is made out of 150,000 discarded plastic bottles and sets a tone of sustainability for the festival.

Festivities at La La Land Goa

There’s loads in store for everyone visiting La La Land Goa. The Museum of Goa plays host to a variety of acts ranging from musical to theatrical. Each act has been handpicked for your entertainment and enjoyment.

There’s going to be Thaalavattam from Bangalore which will have people grooving to their organic beats; Easy Wanderlings from Pune to soothe everyone’s senses with their amalgamation of soul, pop and folk music; Massive Vibe to empower humanity with their powerful music, striking LED visuals and dance.

La La Land Goa will also have Nadia Rebelo from Goa bringing a heartfelt performance of Fado, a form of Portuguese singing and Olivier Perrin from France sharing his travel experiences explicitly through the sound of his accordion, leaving no pages from his journal unturned.

If you’ve heard about the amazing Silent Noise parties held in Palolem and Agonda each year, you can experience these too, at La La Land Goa. There will be three music genres playing at the same time. All you need to do is put on your headphones and tune into the music genre of your choice.Then start dancing like no one’s watching!

The Theatrical side of the festival

La La Land Goa will also have an open stage presenting curated performances from underground performance artists. This line-up comprises of students from all over Goa. Drupad Gaonkar ( a.k.a BLIP)  from IMIMEGINATION is bringing a very special MIME act while Taal Inc. is all set to host the largest Drum Circle of Goa with 200 drums.

Book your tickets for La La Land Goa now!

Booking tickets for this special event are simple. Just check out your options below. Come be a part of a magic and happiness that La La Land Goa promises! There will also be lots of fun games for children, World food, and an excellent bar at the festival.

Early Bird Tickets:

  • Children- INR 100 (Special access to Kids Events, Acts & Food Area)
  • Entry Pass: INR 499 (Access to All Events, Acts, Food Area and Bar)
  • Entry Ticket: INR 250 (Access to Mainstage, Acrobatic Acts, Food Area and Bar only)

Buy your tickets from:

  • MOG- Museum of Goa (Pilerne)
  • Artjuna Café (Anjuna)
  • Alliance Francaise (Panjim)
  • Pop In Café (Saligao)
  • in (Online tickets)

Information credit – Museum of Goa / La La Land Goa Facebook page