Enjoying one’s legacy is usually a very emotional affair, but when has to see what this one has to offer-for a drop in tit-bit hungry person, it’s a mind blowing experience. Legacy of Bombay , as the name bears out, is an attempt to recreate the magic of Mumbai street food in Panaji. Feeling thirsty? Go thanda-thanda with the Crawford Mango Fool. You’ll love it! The Honey and saffron flavoured Mango Milk Cooler or Maybe the top end Breach Candys – Pinacolada old time favourite !!! Pineapple juice and Coconut cream vanilla. Not adventurous? Then the simple Lassi, milkshakes and the Masala Chaas will make your day . It gets hotter as you proceed to the south Indian clause…Idli, Wada, Cheese Dosa , Masala Dosa plus plus the bhalla papdi chaat and Raj kachori. The added bonanza – Panner Masala Dosa or the cheese Lalmirch Uthappam.

Then comes the slight sour feeling….in the palate of course – the Tangy lite Bite, Bhel puri , shev puri, Golgappa. You might feel it is a lot of guppa in the choice especially when it comes to the street bites of Mumbai. But who can resist the Batata Bhaji Pao, Tak-a-Tak-Pao bhaji (khada/cheese /cheese khada/cheesy Matar/Paneer chaska)…it’s a tak a tak affair. You could get sandwiched between the choice of sandwiches and the burger and remember we still have to come to the main part… a host of beneficial items when it comes to taking care of the hunger needs. But the legacy still enamors leaving the sweetness for the last – a host of desserts , mithais and icecreams and the crowning glory is the Kulfi Falooda. It is a fulfilling legacy you will realize, even though it is primarily a vegans delight. It has something for everybody.


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