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Want to experience ‘Asli Bombay’ street food? Head to Let’s Chaat


Whenever we think of Mumbai, what’s one of the first things that come to mind? The skyscrapers, traffic, lots of people, and much more. But one thing that everybody loves about Mumbai and perhaps is the most popular is its authentic local street food. Being here in Goa, thankfully one is not very far from experiencing what the Mumbai street food tastes like. With the newly opened Let’s Chaat, anyone can enjoy the taste of Mumbai food while being here in the country’s tourism capital. 

Let's Chaat Bhel Puri

Let’s Chaat is an authentic Mumbai street food joint located in Porvorim, Goa. Launched early this year, this place is getting popular among the locals and tourists with its unique menu. Unlike the rest of the food joints around, Let’s Chaat specialises in pure vegetarian street food. This food joint is also special for the fact that all of its ingredients come from Mumbai in order to keep the original taste alive. 

What’s on the menu? 

Let’s Chaat has an elaborate menu with everything, from chaats to juices, sandwiches to pizzas, and so much more. But what gathers the most attention, is the authentic Tawa Pulao and the mouth-watering Pav Bhaji. Their other specialities include the Cheese chilli toast and the Melting Cheese Sandwich, a three-layer sandwich with a gravy of corn, cheese and cream. With a primary focus on the street food of Mumbai, this food spot also offers a variety of pizzas, pasta, and garlic bread. “We want to cater to all our customers and serve them whatever they like.” Says Juzar, an employee of Let’s Chaat. All the food at this food joint comes at a reasonable rate which makes it a great place for youngsters, college-goers, locals, and tourists. 

Let's Chaat Melted Cheese Sandwich

Apart from its enticing menu and tasty food, its hygienic and clean environment makes its customers ask for more. The food joint has live food counters so the customers know exactly what’s been served to them. “Whenever people try street food their main concern is hygiene and quality and at Let’s Chaat we make sure that whatever we serve is clean, healthy and at the same time tasty,” says Juzar while highlighting the hygiene system at Let’s Chaat. 

Lets Chaat Special Bhel

Any time is chaat time!

What also makes Let’s Chaat worth trying is its time of operation. The food joint is open from 12 pm till 2:30 am. The peak hours are usually between 5 to 10 pm. The food joint has tables arranged both inside and outside according to the customer’s comfort. The food joint also has the option of home delivery for its far off patrons. According to Mohammed Tinwala, the proprietor of the firm, the place comes to life in the evening, with customers bustling at the food joint and having a nice time. The reason to be open past midnight is so that they can cater to all of its customers who visit the place. Happy with the response received for Let’s Chaat, Mohammed and his team are planning to include South-Indian cuisine in their menu very soon. 

Let's Chaat Pav

So, in this season of rains and thunder are you thinking of trying something that’s warm, tasty, ‘streety’ and at the same time healthy and clean? If yes, then Let’s Chaat should definitely be at the top of your list. Do visit this humble little joint in the heart of Porvorim, try their tasty food, and let us know your experience in the comments below.