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Tourist drowns in Candolim as heavy monsoon rains intensify


Goa has seen more rain this monsoon than it has in the past few years. Thanks to a spate of cyclones that have passed over the state, Goa’s rain deficit has been eliminated. Due to the incessant rainfall all of last week and the week before, many parts of Goa, including Panjim are completely waterlogged. If you were hoping for some respite from the rain, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. This week, the Indian Meteorological Department has released a report stating that for the next five days, we can expect heavy rains in isolated areas as the weather conditions worsen. Cloud maps have also confirmed major activity for the coming week, so extreme caution is advised.

Given the severe weather conditions, beaches across Goa have been locked down. Swimming has been strictly prohibited across the state. Even fishermen have been told to avoid going out into the sea due to the risks involved. Drishti Marine lifeguards have been posted at all beaches to ensure public safety, however, it is also up to the public to exercise caution.

Multiple rescues at Candolim

Last week on the afternoon of July 17, a group of ten tourists from Delhi ventured out into the water at Candolim beach. The lifeguard on duty warned them about the dangers and asked them to retreat to the shore at a safe distance. Since the lifeguard was not allowing the group to enter the waters due to the bad weather conditions, they decide to go towards Sinquerim beach, where they entered the waters again. The lifeguards on duty noticed the group and rushed towards them. A huge oncoming wave hit the group and three people, a male and two females, got dragged into the waters while the rest managed to make it to the shore. The lifeguards rushed into the rough sea and secured two victims who had drifted 25 meters into the waters and brought them to shore. The third victim who had drifted further into the sea was secured by another lifeguard from 40 meters into the water and brought to shore.

All three were brought to shore by the lifeguards. While one of the female tourists was fine, the other two were unconscious. CPR was swiftly administered to both simultaneously. After two cycles of CPR, the female tourist gained consciousness and recovered. Despite five cycles of CPR, the male tourist failed to regain consciousness. An ambulance was called for and the victim was rushed to the Candolim PHC. After a check-up, the doctor declared the male victim dead. The other two victims were shifted to GMC for further medical interventions.

Extreme caution required

Given the extreme weather conditions expected over the next few days, Drishti Marine, the state-appointed professional lifeguard agency has issued an advisory instructing people not to venture into the sea. In addition, Drishti Marine also cautions against people venturing out to the rocky areas, cliffs and hills along the shoreline. In the past, there have been multiple cases where tourists have been swept off the rocks due to unexpected waves.

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