M V Lucky Seven seems to be the Big Daddy of catastrophe


The Bombay High at Goa said it would not issue a casino license to M V Lucky Seven till its owners M/s. Golden Globe Hotels Pvt. Ltd. arrange to float the vessel away from Miramar beach. Due to bad weather and rough seas, the chords binding it to the tug boat snapped causing the boat to drift.

m v lucky seven
M V Lucky Seven – Big Daddy, viewed during low tide Pic. Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

M V lucky 7 or Big Daddy, an off-shore casino boat, drifted onto the famous Miramar beach, Goa, on Sunday, July 16th, 2017, while being towed into the Mandovi river for docking.

Despite bad weather, no casino license and the fact that the river was closed for navigation, Golden Globe brazenly attempted to have the boat towed into the Mandovi for docking. Besides, it is a double hull ship and meant to be in sea-water. It doesn’t have registration with DG Shipping nor with Inland Vessels so how was a foreign vessel allowed to come here?” said an official with the state government. Also, no heed was paid to the safety of the crew despite the fact that the sea was very rough.

M V lucky 7 is currently lodged in the Aguada sand bar with water entering its hull due to its tilt. The boat is tethered to a log of drift wood on the beach with nylon chords that can slip at any moment.

Pic.Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

There are no visible attempts to float the boat as yet – another potential catastrophe? The boat has 12000 liters of diesel on board.  CoP officials fear an oil spill. This will be the second incident after the famous ‘River Princess’  ran aground off the Candolim Beach in North Goa causing irreparable damage to the beach.

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