Major tragedy averted recently – First Mandovi and then Zuari

The inevitable finally happens

The inevitable finally happens! A Crane breaks off from its tower and falls into the River Mandovi at the Construction site of the new 3rd Mandovi Bridge joining Porvorim to Panjim. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, 24th October 2017.  A  major tragedy was averted.

Site workers said there were no casualties.

According to reports, a major tragedy was averted when the 80-tonne crane came crashing down into the Mandovi  River. The Crane was working at Pole No,29 on the 3rd  Mandovi Bridge, currently under construction.

Mandovi Bridge tragedy
Notice the cranes  hanging precariously over the second  Mandovi bridge…a disaster waiting to happen  Pic Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

Close on the heels of the first incident, another mishap was reported at the Bridge Construction site over the Zuari River this afternoon, 25th October 2017.

A JCB crane collapsed at the construction site of the new Zuari Bridge while lifting iron rods.

Again no casualties were reported.

A tragedy waiting to happen

Very often, while commuting over the Mandovi Bridge, I have noticed the crane hanging directly over the second Mandovi Bridge fully loaded with heavy concrete blocks. While vehicles pass by underneath quite unaware of the lurking danger. Just imagine if the crane crashed into the bridge instead of the river?  The casualties would be devastating.

Was there foul play involved?

In any case, in view of the lurking danger, as the saying goes ‘Better to be safe than sorry!’ The concerned Government authorities, taking both these incidents as a cue, should ensure that the crane never hovers over the Mandovi Bridge at any given point of time. Or else it will be a tragedy of immense proportions waiting to happen.

Have you experienced something similar? Do write in with your experiences.

Information Credit: O Herald, Prudent Media

Pic.Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

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