Situated in a quiet serene corner of the hotel sandwiched between the poolside and the fields and ponds of Arpora this restaurant has a copy niche between water bodies-the pool and the Tambudki rivulet.It is an oasis of serenity a peninsula of greenery. It also has a sunken bar which serves amazing cocktails, mocktails and liquers. From the well stocked bar order a Peninsula. Or perhaps the Rio Margarita. The Italian cuisine restaurant signature preparations include the thin crust pizzas with the smoky flavour which is stated to be similar to the ones you would find in provinces of Italy Order a Pizze Quattro Staggioni-four different toppings in each quarter each symbolizing the season of the year-spring/summer/autumn/winter….(artichoke and buffalo mozzarella/spinach prosciutto and parmesan cheese/fieroasted red peppers with caramelized onion/anchovy and capers with mushroom.

Try the Calzone Con Piccante Its spicy with pepperoni ham,beef meat balls, chilies mozzarella cheese and caramelized onions. The Pasta Fettucine Con Verdure with courgettes,peas,oven roasted tomatoes, green beans and spinach.The taste of garlic, basil and red chilies…the nuances spice the preparation. And its finished with olive tapenade. The use of extra virgin olive oil gives a fantastic flavour to the dishes while taking care of your health. But before you cry out Mama Mia, the desserts are to be reckoned with.This place boasts of one of the finest patisserie in town. The Torta Italiana (Italian plum and pistachio tart served warm with Vanilla gelato) gives a warm and cool feel.Order the Connoisseur Coffees with the desserts, they are really woth tasting. With preapartions that delight the famous Abba song could play on and on…Mamma Mia, here I go again, how I go again, how can I resist you.

0832 2267300
Resort Rio, Tambudki, Arpora Goa


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