Mapusa Market

Mapusa Market. It’s history and culture. Digitally preserved.


Far away from Toronto, or London, or Dubai, or Sydney… your beloved Mapusa Market can now be just a few clicks away. A group of graphic artists have captured the sheer energy and the unique culture of this iconic market and stored all of it online at

These artists have mapped the entire market through a series of stories, videos, photos that cover a wide range of interesting topics. Some of these topics on the website are listed below.

Mapusa Market in the 70’s. You’ll love the old photographs of the old pottery market on display here.

Mapusa Market
Old pottery market

The inauguration of the Mapusa Market. If you want to know what it looked like way back then, here are some historic B/W pics and a video of Dr. Sydney speaking about those days.

Mapusa Market Inauguration

The Friday Market. Meet Satyavati from Colvale, who sells bananas and papayas. Maria from Thivim who sells chilies grown in her garden. Jean Baptiste the antique dealer…and more

Mapusa Market
Fruit seller

The iconic Women of the Mapusa Market.  Here’s a quote that catches the spirit so aptly.

Her stance and her glance and her skinning down the fish has a rhythm and romance to it. She has all the colors and emotions to offer….

You’ll love the pics and the short documentary film

Mapusa Market
Women of Mapusa Market

The market’s unique set of people who will help you Repair and Re-use so many household items and clothes.

Want to open out an old pair of jeans that have become tight because you put on weight? What to repair an old cigarette lighter? Few markets anywhere offer such services.

The Flower Market. and a meat market that manages to organize and share the same space for people with diverse religious beliefs.

Mapusa Market
Flower Market

You’ll love the section on the Fruit Market

Mapusa Market
Fruit Market

And yes… don’t forget to go through those tug-at-the heart blogs

Who hasn’t enjoyed a day of shopping at the Mapusa Market? For the first-timer, it can be a lifetime experience. For a regular. It’s almost an addiction. The sheer energy, the culture. That’s what this website captures. A word of caution though, browsing through this content will make you so nostalgic, you may want to buy a ticket, come down here and experience the real thing.

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