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Unlike the other waterfalls and treks that seem to be only meant for the adventure lovers, Mayem Lake seems to have sprung out of the earth specially for that population of trekkers that consist of ones in love and ones who have already started living their love life. Mayem lake residency has found to be the most suitable place to take your lovers alongside. A place where the love connects nature to your heart too. The villages and houses that sit along the quaint roadsides offer this very sublime feel that one cannot resist. For the ones that have pondered a good honeymoon spot, look no further!

Take your honeymoon visit to the Corjuem fort while you’re at the Residency. The splendid view that it offers will make you assure you that you have chosen the best place you possibly could. Hills and mangroves will appear as though they’re in standing ovation, just so you feel the special moment. Get a look at the religious side of Goa too. The temple of Saptakoteshwar representing Lord Shiva, is a good place. And undoubtedly, your honeymoon will feel the best!

Mayem Goa


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