5 MEDICAL TOURISM IN GOA Secrets You Never Knew

Goa is a best vacation spot hub for travellers all around the world. We all be aware of that Goa is well-known for its beaches, churches, parties, nightclubs, forts and many different activities. Another purpose why many prefer to go to this lovely state due to the fact of best Medical Tourism in Goa.

Medical tourism consists of people who leave their countries and go abroad for clinical treatment. Goa is one of the pleasant states for clinical remedies in India. You can experience Medical Tourism in Goa in alleviation and complete peace of mind.

It is a place where you can combine your fitness and holiday aspect together. The climate of Goa is very favourable for one’s fitness and it helps you to get recover lot faster.


There is by no means a language barrier in Goa due to the fact that most Goans communicate English and Goa is nicely organized to serve travellers who are on a clinical therapy to Goa.

Goa has lot of expert medical practitioner which have been training for a long and can deal with you in no time with the first-rate of technological know-how and medication. Dental clinics provide offerings at lower priced expenses are all over Goa, which attract more travellers towards medical tourism in Goa.

The hygiene stages in the hospitals in Goa are pretty top and are very neat and smooth and equipments/machines used in Goa hospitals are of excessive standards.

Many domestic and foreign vacationers have had quite a number scientific remedies efficiently performed in Goa which additionally consists of tricky knee, coronary heart or beauty surgeries.

Cost of Surgery, operation and drug treatments are low priced as in contrast to the different European countries.

There are some chosen lodges in Goa that provide specific scientific vacation programs for visitor traveling to Goa for clinical treatment.

These resorts are nearer to the hospitals and additionally have distinct services like yoga centre, cars for hire and are even handicap friendly.
Other than these primary clinical offerings you can additionally decide for Ayurvedic clinical offerings and massages in Goa.

Tourists and visitors are discovering one greater cause to go to Goa and that is for taking gain of the world type clinical offerings reachable in Goa. Here are 5 reasons, why you need to consider Goa, when thinking about your subsequent surgical procedure or fitness procedure.

1. Medical Skills Easily Available in Goa
Goa is very properly organized to service foreigners when it comes to fitness care. Most Goan medical practitioner communicate best English, a majority of them are additionally skilled and educated in global schools. Present day docs are serving local Goan patients and at the same time they cater to high profile sufferers from Bollywood in Mumbai and additionally overseas travellers in the course of their stay to be in Goa.

In India there is additionally a wholesome competition between government, privately run hospitals and healthcare establishments for servicing these patients who are not completely satisfied with the Government run medical institution service.

Goa has plenty of professional private healthcare providers and they are within reach of the coastal tourist belt and are situated in the major cities of Goa.

Major private hospitals to mention a few are Vrundavan Hospital in Mapusa, Manipal Hospital in Dona Paula, Vintage Hospital in Panaji, Apollo Victor Hospital and NUSI Hospital in and near Margao in South Goa.

Some of the clinical offerings supplied in Goa are, General Medicine and Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatrics, Trauma and Critical care, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Endoscopic and Laproscopic Surgery, Gastroenterology and Oncosurgery, Neuro surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, ENT, Urology, Nephrology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Dental, Medical Genetics and Counseling, Respiratory Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Alternative and Ayurvedic Medicine.

2. Quality of Surgery, Staff and Operation Theaters
One is happy to say that hygiene in hospitals all over Goa are up to the mark and matching worldwide requirements of sanatorium hygiene. Operational devices, x-ray machines, dental tools and different devices are of excessive standard, and upgradation is executed regularly. Modern services are the norm with nurses in spotless white uniforms.

3. Quick Turn Around Time.
Tourists, travellers, NRI’s and foreigners travelling to Goa for medical treatment are given the first preference if not to say the red carpet treatment. As a foreigner you can experience a very individual and prompt reception. Medical Services charged for foreigners are really a little bit higher in contrast to what the locals are charged, however that ensures that you get preferential scientific cure however nevertheless at ¼ of the charge in Europe.

The same applies for consultations without appointments with specialists. As a premium paying customer you usually don’t have to wait long in crowded waiting areas.

A check-up is done very thorough and in an individual manner.

The scientific aid team of workers is normally pleasant and definitely involved in your well-being.

4. Low Medical Costs
Most over the counter medicines can be bought here with or without prescriptions from the local  frienly pharmacy.  Goa has thousands of pharmacies at every corner.

Medicine in India is a Fixed price product so prices for medicines are fixed as their MRP. Meaning Maximum Retail Price that the pharmacist can sell it to you! So you don’t have to haggle like with everything else in India. Prices are printed on the boxes of medicines and that’s exactly what you pay. Not more, not less.

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Some few examples of how medicinal products are less costly in India.:
Band Aid wash proof: Rs 20 for 10 pieces
Immodium: Rs 20 for 10 capsules
Paracetamol 500: Rs 14 for 10 capsules
Vitamin B complex: Rs 15 for 10 capsules
Topical Antibiotic Spray: Rs 195 (40g)
Antibiotic Skin Cream: Rs 50 (10g)
Broad Spectrum Antibiotic: Rs 50 for 10 capsules

5. Low Consultation Charges
Costs for surgery are generally only a small percentage to health care costs of Europe, Australia or the US.

Medical Tourism in Goa
The best element about getting your health service done in Goa is that your post surgery recovery will be quicker due to the fact you will be on a health vacation in the seashore locations of Goa. So, healing and recuperation time will be quicker as you will be mixing a vacation alongside with your health management.

To repeat once more, Goa does have modern facilities, quick ready instances and very low-priced costs for procedures, sanatorium offerings and medicines. On top of that, you will probably get better a whole lot faster, with a vacation in an exclusive area brought as a bonus.

Facilities Available
1. Cosmetic Surgery Consultation
By Board Certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon.
• Facelift
• Liposuction
• Breast Surgery
• Tummy Tuck
• Baggy Eyelid Surgery
• Nose Surgery
• Body Lift
2. Botox Treatment for Facial Wrinkles.
3. Fillers For Facial Rejuvenation.
4. Various Treatment Option with Laser (By Appointment)
Affordable Cosmetic Surgery Packages Performed at A Hospital of International Standard.

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