Menace of Strays – Mission Curb, Mission Impossible?

Population ‘Canine’ Control

The Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Scheme, working to control the increase in the stray dog population, was launched in July 2015. It has achieved its aim so far by providing 90-100 per cent subsidy on anti-rabies vaccinations, sterilization, construction of sheds and purchase of vehicles for strays.

The scheme works under the department of animal husbandry. The department has received 20 applications of which 9 are cleared. The remaining are said to be pending for want of the necessary documents.

Sterilization and vaccination

Recently, ₹52.16 lakhs were given as funds to nine local bodies to carry out the task of the scheme. These local bodies signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the ‘People for Animals’ (PFA), a Vasco based NGO, whose main aim is to help control birth rate of stray canines through sterilization and vaccinations.


Rise in strays – a peril

The menace of stray dogs has been posing a threat for quite a while now. Their number is steadily on the rise.

  • 13 Road accidents recorded in 2014, out of which 5 were critical.
  • 16,325 male stray dogs have been reported by 19th Livestock Census in 2012.
  • Overall there is an estimate of 40,000 stray canines in the state till date.
  • In 2014 a rabies infected stray bit 24 people in a few hours

As per the Cruelty to Animals Act, it is the responsibility of the local authorities or the municipal bodies to work with Animal Welfare Organizations to control street dogs.

However, the  state has received tremendous aid form UK based Mission Rabies. The mass sterilization and vaccination of dogs by this organization aims to eradicated rabies in Goa by 2018.




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