Meters in Goa’s taxis soon as per the Supreme Court ruling

We’ve all seen what happens when the taxi operators in Goa go on strike. Locals and tourists alike are left stranded and the local taxi mafia wreaks havoc on everyone’s day to day lives. In the last few years, Goa has seen at least 2 or 3 big strikes by the taxi organization protesting for various reasons.  First, they protested about the entrance of Ola Cabs into the state and shut the state down for 2 days. Most recently, the taxi operators went on strike to protest the order issued to install speed governors and meters in their vehicles. But now, it seems like meters being installed in all of Goa’s taxis will finally become a reality.

Meters in Goa’s taxis are an absolute necessity

The issue of installing meters in taxis has been dodged for years. Now the state government has finally decided to implement the Supreme Court order for installation of speed governors in commercial vehicles and digital meters in tourist taxis. It seems that the taxi operators have stopped protesting this order. Therefore it is of utmost importance with urgency that the government completes the installation as early and as fast as possible.

Sources say that the transport department is testing the digital meters that are to be installed. The report on these meters will be in the department’s hands by the end of this month. After that bids will be opened and the tender will be awarded accordingly. As taxi unions are going to co-operate in expending the process, there is hope that all 20,000 taxis that are believed to operate in Goa, will be outfitted with the meters before the new tourist season begins.


Taxis without meters has resulted in tourists being cheated

Goa is the only state in the country that has no meters in local taxis. According to an amendment to the Goa Motor Vehicles Rules, 1991, it is mandatory for all taxis in the state to be fitted with digital fare meters along with a printer and a global positioning system (GPS) tracking device. Goa is known to be a well-known and much-loved holiday destination. But it has earned a bad reputation on account of tourists being fleeced by the taxi operators when they charge exorbitant fares for journeys. It doesn’t matter how near or how far the destination.

It hasn’t helped that the taxi union is supported by politicians that seem to manage to get the government to change the date of implementation every time one is set.

High-Security Registration Plates (HSRPS)

Another scheme that the transport department should be implementing is that of HSRPs in all vehicles. This is actually mandatory according to a Supreme Court ruling. Read more on this particular topic in the Navhind Times.

Information credit – The Nahvind Times


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