Have You Heard of These Mosques in Goa To Celebrate Eid This Year


Goa is not just famous for it’s Churches. These five mosques in Goa will take you back in time.

Even though Goa is regarded a Christian state, it has a pretty giant populace of Muslims who have some architecturally lovely mosques to worship in.

Islam was introduced in Goa during the 14th century after reputation with the aid of Delhi Sultanate. Muslims dominated the state until 1510 when Portuguese admiral Afonso de Albuquerque defeated the Adil Shahi dynasty.

During their rule in Goa, Muslims constructed a wide variety of mosques and today there are round 27 mosques scattered throughout the state.

The structure of these mosques is notably Islamic with domes and pillars. Amongst the most famous mosques in Goa here are some of the notable Mosques one should know about.

Jama Masjid

Located in Sanguem, South Goa, Jama Masjid is one of these few mosques, which is held in excessive regard by means of Goan citizens.

The historic shape of the mosque was totally renovated in the year 1959. The new shape is genuinely an architectural beauty.

The middle of the Jama Masjid consists of a Dome-shape that’s surrounded with 4 minarets. The entrance of the mosque has two towers surmounted with pillared kiosks.

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The mosque witnesses an full-size flock of vacationers during the 12 months and is extraordinarily energetic for the duration of galas in particular in the course of Eid when the devotees acquire to have fun the competition with outstanding zeal and enthusiasm.

Safa Mosque

The ancient Safa Mosque is located at about 2km from the center of Ponda, Goa.

This enthralling piece of Islamic monument is a fusion of Indo-Islamic style, which was once constructed lower back in the year 1560 by the Sultan of Bijapur – Ibrahim Adil Shah.

The Safa Masjid of Ponda holds an necessary cultural fee and is consultant of medieval Goa’s wealthy records and culture.

The walls of the mosque don’t  bear any inscriptions, in contrast to most different mosques. On the south of the Mosque is a masonry tank with Mihrab designs standing adjoining to the mosque.

The premise of the mosque consists of gardens and fountains. The roof is made with terracotta tiles, which comprises an rectangular prayer hall. The walls of the mosque mirror the intricate Mughal generation designs and in-built arched shape.

This is the most necessary mosque in Goa and attracts an outsized quantity of Muslim devotees, historians, and travelers now not simply from India however additionally throughout the world at some stage in the year.

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Surla Taar Mosque

Of all the mosques in Goa on this list, the Surla Taar has arguably the most fascinating history. The Surla Taar is out of 27 different mosques constructed in Goa by using Adil Shah, out of which solely a handful managed to survive. As the name suggests, the mosque is placed at Surla village.

Another fun piece of trivial is that Taar means the ferry point of the village, which is why this mosque is quite close to the old village ferry point.

Though the very shape of the mosque doesn’t seem too historical however a water tank, made in the the front says a lot about its age.

This unique water tank has four steps on all its facets and has stunning arched architecture, all round its boundary.

The government, declared it a ‘Protected Site’ a few years back.

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There appears to be no scarcity of lovely mosques in Goa, and Namazgah is of course, one of them. It was developed in Goa by using Mughal ruler Akbar on a picturesque hill in Bicholim.

This mosque additionally consists of the tomb of Hazrat Abdullah Khan, Sambhaji, the well-known Maratha King attended his funeral. He additionally presented supply for the renovation of this mosque.

If you’re searching to celebrate Eid in Goa then Namazgah is a wonderful choice.

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The Masjid-ul-Abrar might also not be the largest or the oldest mosque on this list. But it holds a quint essential position in Goa’s modern history.

The Ul Abrar was the first mosque in Goa to permit entry for females to worship post Goa’s liberation. It carried out nevertheless. Despite being a highly opposed decision back in the day. And the rest is history.

Today the managing committee of the mosque has been presenting equal opportunities of studying to boys and girls alongside with extra services to the womenfolk of the community.

The mosque was once additionally the first in Goa to organize programmes for human beings of different faiths in the late 1980s.

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