What Makes Nanuz Fort Such a Majestic Example of Time Gone By?


Nanuz Fort which is one of the famous historic locations to examine in Goa. This historic specimen was built in 17th century by Maratha emperor Shivaji.

Initially the fortress used to be created for defense functions and thus modified with the aid of the rulers’ mechanism.

The citadel is located in Satari Taluka, close to Valpoi village of North Goa. Nanuz Fort is a key specimen of normal structure which stands inside Portuguese dominion in Goa.

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Nanuz Fort Architecture

Situated in Satari district of North Goa, Nanuz Fort is considered as a key fortress of Goa’s architectural history. The citadel is created on the foundation of Indo-Portuguese architectural style, i.e. mixture of India, Portuguese and Mughal architecture.

Since Portuguese humans dominated this vicinity for above 4 centuries, Portuguese structure is tremendously outstanding in nearly each fortress of Goa which includes Nanuz Fort.

The fortress is characterized through a massive lake in one side. According to history, the fortress was once bounded by way of partitions alongside with watchtowers in quite a number sides.

However, at current one can solely study the leftovers of the walls, which stands about 6 ft. tall. There is additionally a leftover of large pillar, made up of brick work with inscription inside it. Apart from that there is a giant grassland which surrounds Nanuz Fort.

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With no surprise, it is recounted that Nanuz Fort at existing instances stays nothing of what it had in historical times. Only the remnants of the authentic Nanuz Fort can be viewable from the location.

The motive is that Nanuz Fort has gone through big hostilities strikes between quite a number rulers such as Mughal, Portuguese and Maratha etc. to a cite few.

As a result, most of the buildings of the citadel was once destroyed through the assault from opposing forces.

Furthermore, no unique reconstruction or restoration things to do are carried out with the aid of the government, owing to which Nanuz Fort has come to its ruin.

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Nanuz Fort History

Nanuz Fort has extensive records with respect to its rulers. Nanuz Fort has modified the ownership a couple of instances during its existence as a defence point.

The fortress was once essentially designed for army purposes. After its advent by way of Shivaji, Nanuz Fort was once conquered through Portuguese ruler, Diapaji Rane.

He changed the citadel into a army base. During his sovereignty, Diapaji Rane and his forces invaded quite a number villages of Bardez and Tiswadi and he used Nanuz Fort as headquarter.

In due course, Nanuz Fort was captured by the forces of Quepem. After some years, the forces of Panami garrisons had taken manage over the authority of Nanuz Fort from Quepem forces.

All these incidences concerning the takeovers of Nanuz Fort passed off in the course of the timeframe of important revolutions of Goa’s History.

It’s pretty fascinating to comprehend about the historic elements of this castle as it has many aspects that helps in shaping the records of Goa.

Nanuz Fort Tourism Importance

With all historical activities that are associated with Nanuz Fort, it is viewed as magnificent region for tourism mainly for history lovers.

The fortress itself stands as a key instance of rebellion in Goa where more than one rulers have been engaged in taking over the authority of the fort. As a result, the Nanuz Fort has grown to be a ruined place.

Still, it has positive herbal splendor alongside with leftover buildings which can be well worth go to via the travelers.

Nanuz Fort dates back to the building sample that used to be used at some point of 17th century. Thus, it is attracted with the aid of many visitors of Goa and is a  great tourist spot.