Mustard – A fantastic choice of Bengali and French cuisine now in Mumbai


Goa is famous for being a great place to eat, drink and make merry. Not only is the local cuisine fantastic but there are so many other foreign cuisines to choose from. Additionally, there are a few restaurants that also do fusion cuisine. Now, some of these have expanded their horizons and opened up branches in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. Thalassa and most recently, House of Lloyd’s are two famous restaurants that have opened their doors to the Mumbai elite. Now, from the quaint and busy village of Sangolda, Mustard has decided to join the gang and open its doors in Mumbai too.

Mustard – fantastic Bengali and French cuisine

After wowing Goan palates with a mouth-watering mix of Bengali and French dishes, Mustard is all set to open in Mumbai at the luxurious Atria mall in Worli. From the 3rd of August, the restaurant is open for business. Mustard will only be open for dinner during the first 10 days. Thereafter, from the 13th of August, foodies can get their fill for lunch too. Mustard is famous in Goa for the delicious Bengali and French food that they serve which uses the condiment in most of their dishes. It’s interesting to know that mustard is frequently used in both these cuisines.

Mustard’s first branch in Goa is a visual delight full of designer furniture and decorative artifacts
from its neighbor, the Freedom Tree home store. The restaurant is the brainchild of Shilpa Sharma and Poonam Singh, two talented ladies that gave up their successful careers in retail and the hospitality line to bring Goa, this superb cuisine. Now they have taken this delightful idea to Mumbai too. Pritha Sen, a renowned chef, and food historian curates the Bengali menu, while prominent French Chef Gregory Bazire has brought his expertise to create a menu of European food for those who love mustard but also some who don’t.

Just a taste of Mustard

The food at Mustard in Goa is known to be really good. Therefore, Mumbai foodies are definitely in for a treat when they visit the new branch in Worli. The Bengali menu includes dishes like Kathi Kebab (mutton skewers) and Mochar Guley Kebab (banana blossom kebab), besides Bhetki Paturi(fish wrapped in a banana leaf with mustard paste). The Bengali mezze platter known as Benglar Ghorowa Niramish Thala is also a must try. This platter includes Kumror Chhyanchra, a sweet pumpkin fish paste and Loittya Maacher Jhuri, a fresh Bombay Duck pate. Dessert items on the Bengali menu include seasonal Aam Doi (mango yogurt) and Bhapa Doi.

As always with French cuisine, the dishes are amazing. Some of the dishes are tantalizing treats such as includes croquettes stuffed with gruyere and Salade de Raie au Citron. Rabbit and duck legs are also on the menu, prepared to perfection. French dessert can never be left out of the grand picture. Mustard’s delectables include Crème Brulee.

Of course, the Mumbai restaurant has a lot of new dishes on the menu. Goa is yet to catch up on that front but the favorites are still there for the tasting. Don’t forget to try out some of their innovation cocktails, such as The Bees and Flowers, a gin cocktail which includes bee pollen; the Lavender Gimlet; and the Mustard Bloody Mary.

An Indo-Parisian experience whether in Goa or Mumbai

So whether you’re in Goa or Mumbai, get ready for the best food experience in Bengali and French cuisine. The Mumbai restaurant is a 2,800 square foot restaurant, which seats 72 guests. The decor is elegant with attention to detail such as the pink arched French windows that have been added to the style.

Contact details

Mustard Goa
House number 78, Mae de Deus Vaddo,
Chogm Road, Sangolda, Goa 403511
Call on 98234 36120 for more information

Mustard Mumbai
Ground Floor, Atria Mall, Dr. Annie Besant Road,
Worli, Mumbai
Call on 9619991166 for reservations and information

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Information credit – Blurb Goa