A terrible Thursday for a mother and her young son in Mapusa


The phrase ‘Accidents will happen’ is usually said to someone to console them in the event of a small, harmless accident happening. But what does one say when an accident occurs due to negligence and/or reckless driving, resulting in horrific injuries and even death? How does one console the family members of a victim or victims? In all probability, this is a question that people are asking after yesterday’s terrible accident at the Gandhi circle in Mapusa.

A terrible Thursday indeed

What was probably a routine day for a young woman and her son ended in a terrible way. A way from which there is no return.

37-year-old Seema, her son Siddarth and her father-in-law Bhanudas Pednekar were riding to Mapusa on a two-wheeler at approximately 3:45 pm when the terrible accident occurred. As these Saligao residents entered the city, their bike was rear-ended by a crane truck. This happened as the victims were passing Hotel Braganza, just opposite the entrance to the KTC bus-stand at Mapusa.

According to the Mapusa authorities, the impact was so terrible that the truck, driven by one Abdul Subar, hit the bike, which caused the rider, Mr. Pednekar to lose control. He was thrown onto the footpath while both Seema and her 5-year-old son were dragged for a few meters by the truck.

The truck driver then attempted to flee the accident site but a large crowd of locals had gathered by then. They caught him and handed him over to the police. However, as a result of his reckless driving, Seema and her son died on the spot. Abdul Subar was arrested under Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code.

Mapusa police say that Mr. Pednekar has been taken to the North Goa District Hospital at Peddem. The bodies of the dead were taken to Goa Medical College for post-mortem.

The authorities will continue to investigate and unearth more details about this terrible incident.

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