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Myles High Bakehouse, ‘Happy to See You Today!’

 A healthy, hygienic, wholesome meal, at reasonable rates :

Located in the commercial part of Panjim at the Myles High Corporate Hub, Patto Plaza.  A place for every mood, for every person!  Myles High Bakehouse, ‘Happy to See You Today!

Myles High Bakehouse boasts of cakes for every occasion be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary or even for blessed occasions like Christenings or Communions. For the choosy ones, they even customise cakes to suit your need.


Cakes and Bakes :

As the name suggests, Myles High Bakehouse boasts of 24 varieties of bread, 9 varieties of savouries, 12 different types of pastries, desserts and more. Pioneering home-made nutritious bread in Goa, the list topper, their Rustica Country Loaf, coated with a lavish amount of multigrain. The Oats Multigrain too is loaded with oats and perfect for the health-conscious. The cheese-garlic bread is loaded with mozzarella cheese and roasted garlic.  The aroma that can set a hungry tummy on fire. A burger is incomplete with the ‘Burger Bun’. The ones available at Myles High Bakehouse have melt-in-the-mouth softness.


The Myles High Bakehouse Oatmeal or multigrain cookies are perfect for the sugar conscious. Their crisp Methi sticks dipped in golden butter are to-die-for. A crisp Hawaiian salad with a Chicken Tikka Grilled Sandwich can refresh and revive the creative instinct in you.

Feeling romantic? Come on over to Myles High Bakehouse. Warm ambience and aroma of  freshly baked products tickle the taste buds. The devilishly good Strawberry Romance complements the mood.


The Red Velvetarticle-pic1 Cake, almost completely homemade,with natural ingredients like fresh beetroot paste, gives it the natural red colour. The reason the Red Velvet stands out from other pastries is that it is eggless. The Caramel Butter Scotch, Dutch Truffle Dark Chocolate and The Pineapple Exotica cakes make for delectable desserts. Not forgetting the Choco-Vanilla Cake.


Mumbai Muska Pao‘, a delightful savoury on offer. No ‘chai’ is complete without it! Their crispy and crunchy ‘Assorted Mix Croutons‘, make for a delightful soup accompaniment.

Exactly the reason you need to come calling! article-pic2


Most of all, it’s the perfect venue to relax over a hot soup and sandwich combo or a cappuccino and cookies, and the smoothies (available on request).

The ‘bread basket’, a recent entrant on their menu, is something very unique. Never have I come across a soup crafted so well by the chef – a bowl made of bread and filled to the brim with delicious, piping hot soup, cream of mushroom or sweet-corn-chicken. Novel and edible, ‘The Bread Basket’!

 Come on over to Myles High Bakehouse. What are you waiting for?

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