Climb up a flight of steps and pass an antique wooden bench and situated right next to the pure vegetarian restaurant the plantain Leaf, is Naan Curry. As far as Indian food is concerned in that particular area it is good place for meat lovers! Air conditioned with pleasant interiors it is a semi fine dine place to visit after all the street style cafes. The menu boats of a feast in terms of North Indian and Mughlai Cuisine. The soups bring in delicacies that perhaps would be found in areas up North. The paya shorba (mutton paya extract flavored with condiments) or a vegetarian Lime Tomato shorba. The warm lemon yellow décor adds to its charm, but one must understand that the food has been mellowed down for the tourist and the prices are rather steep. The Naan Curry Non-vegetarian Platter is a good bet as it comes with an assortment of succulent chicken, mutton and fish kebabs. Seafood specialities include Achari Prawns and Chatpata Lobster which is marinated in a red masala.

The menu feature Nurgh Tandoor and Murgh Punjabi Tariwala, which have many takers. Meat lovers are delighted to find rare items like Laal Maas Rajasthani and Kacche Gosht ke Dum Biryani at this joint. Also popular are Lazeez Tikka Masala. Vegans too can avail of the Naan Curry Special, Subzi Miloni, Palak Pasand and Dal Makhni. A well-stocked bar called Umrao Joon offers high-priced spirits to keep those spirits soaring. It’s a place where you would go it you are not to fussy about good Indian food.


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