Nightlife : House party v/s Clubbing


There has always been a discussion over which party is more fun, a house party or going clubbing. In today’s fast-paced world, nightlife has attained prominence. A day without a party is boring. The dilemma though is which party? House party or Clubbing? To lessen this debate, we have asked youngsters about what kind of party they would prefer.

Look what they had to say…

Rishiraj Mallick

“House party because you are surrounded with people you know. Unlike in clubs where after a while it gets so crowded and uncomfortable. You can also make your own drinks and it’s cheaper. You can even have a BBQ party. The only disadvantage of house parties is the cleaning up after the party and being worried if someone breaks anything but if you invite the people you really know then everything else is sorted and lastly, girls don’t have to worry about the ‘creeps’.” RishirajMallick

“Depend on my mood, if I want to dress up, put makeup or drink the night away then clubbing. But if I want to hang out with my friends or just chill and have a good laugh, drink and stuff, then house party” Felicia Gomes

Party v/s clubbing
Felicia Gomes

“I think house party is convenient, safe, you socialize more and best of all you can pass out without any inconvenience.” Denver Correia

Denver Correia

“I think clubbing is much better, one because you have best of Dj’s playing music and moreover planning a house party requires a lot of time and the house gets messy when everyone leaves” Sameer Rajput

Sameer Rajput

Let’s see pros and cons of house partying v/s clubbing

Pros of house partying

house party v/s clubbing
Pic. credit: Giphy
  1. You know your guests
  2. No worries about drinking and driving.
  3. You can act however you want and play all those cliché games.

Cons of house partying

Pic. Credit: Giphy
  1. After party cleaning? No! who wants that.
  2. No DJ’s, meaning no good music, unless you have a DJ friend
  3. Bothered neighbors

Pros of clubbing

house party v/s clubbing
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  1. You get to meet/interact with new people
  2. Good music
  3. You have options to choose your club

Cons of clubbing

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  1. Stag entry is a problem
  2. Not meant for introverts
  3. Fear of drunk driving and putting yourself into problem

Which one would you prefer??

By: Priyanka Shetty