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No sale and consumption of alcohol in Goa for 3 days


The State government has imposed a strict restriction on sale, transportation and consumption of alcohol in poll bound areas in Goa. With 24 hours left for the restriction to begin, the government has issued directives to all licensed premises, to stop sale and consumption of alcohol from midnight on June 10 to on June 11 .

The ban will resume on the day of results, June 13, from 8 am to midnight. However, bar and restaurant owners are allowed to keep their outlets open. But only to serve food on the dates mentioned, the government’s notice stated.

That's not it!

A similar order has been issued stating that no liquor will be allowed to be transported from one place to another within the state of Goa from June 10 to June 11 and on June 13 as well.

A person cannot carry more than three quarter bottles of alcohol or six bottles of beers on these days.

We hope everyone looks at these orders in a positive manner and helps maintain discipline by following the same.