UK Parliament

Three Goans break into UK Parliament


Three Goan origin MP’s Keith Vaz, Suella Fernandes and Valerie Vaz have once again been elected as MP’s to the UK Parliament.

Keith Vaz has returned as Labour MP for Leicester East, with a majority. He is the UK parliament’s longest serving British – Asian MP. Vaz has been Labour party member since 1982.

Valerie Vaz is the sister of Keith Vaz. She too is a member of Labour party. She served as MP since 2010 general election of UK. She was elected in the 2010 general election, securing the seat of Walsall South.

Suella Fernandes, is a British conservative party member. She is the MP for Fareham from May 2015. Earlier, in 2005 general election, Suella contested Leicester East, coming second to Labour’s Keith Vaz. Suella was elected to the House of Commons as the MP for Fareham in 2015.

UK general elections were held on 8th June. The UK election ended in a hung parliament after Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives Party failed to win a majority in the poll.

This election was crucial, specially in view of Brexit. PM May had suddenly called the snap election and she was confident of increasing the slim majority.

Conservative – 316
Labour – 261
Scottish National Party- 35
Liberal Democrat- 12
Democratic Unionist Party- 10
Plaid Cymru – 4
Green -4
UK Independence Party- 0
Others – 18

The UK parliament has a total of 650 seats, with 3,300 candidates in the fray, out of which 56 are of Indian origin. Few Indians won and some lost the UK general election 2017.

Source: Prudent Media
Image Credit: Thing Link