List of Parsi food recipes to cherish this Parsi New Year

Here's a list of Parsi food

A variety of sumptuous Parsi food is prepared on Navroze (Parsi New Year), the day after Pateti (the day of repentance), usually celebrated on the 17th of August each year. Parsis in Goa may be a few in number but their hearts and food are simply delightful. On this occasion of Parsi New Year, they come together to celebrate this auspicious day with much preparation. But what’s it without Parsi food and friends?

10 traditional Parsi food items prepared

parsi food
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After reading the names of all these dishes, didn’t you realize we’ve eaten most of the desserts without actually knowing their origins?

If you still haven’t tried any of these check out restaurants in Goa serving Parsi food!

  1. Zuberp Multicuisine
  2. Acron Waterfront Resort

There are many similarities between Parsis and Goans. They enjoy a good meal, drinks to chill with, western music to relax with and not to forget, football! This festival is also celebrated by people in the Middle-East, USA and South Asian countries such as India and Pakistan.

Fire, Fragrance, Food, and Friendship – play an important role on Parsi New Year’s Day.
Happy New Year

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