Peep Kitchen Goa



Peep into this kitchen. It’s small, but if anybody takes the time to ask Gaurish and Amey Naik why they chose this name, they will say ‘Place for everything and everything in Place’. The brothers after leaving lucrative careers in five-star hotels found that their mother’s (Vidya Naik) recipes had its own brand, so after venturing into a takeaway enterprise Peep took roots in the quiet village of Caranzalem. It’s informal, simple yet appealing, walk into a cosy tavern-style restaurant, which has now transformed into an upscale, fine dining eatery.

Fish Thali at Peep Kitchen

Those who have frequented Peep Kitchen in its formative years will remember the walls adorned with colourful caricatures in a very Mario Miranda style, depicting Goa in all its charm and quirkiness. The place was small, and the family dining section was up a narrow staircase. But all that has given way to a brand new location in Caranzalem where the dining experience has been taken to another level. The transformation is literally night and day. Gone is the taverna style dining, and in its place, a confluence of whites, teals, and glass. Slick lighting and an inviting bar, give the new Peep Kitchen a chic upmarket feel – worthy of any occasion.

Gaurish who wields the culinary spoon has taken it one step further. He has painstakingly jotted down the recipes of his mother, and if Goan is your fancy you are in for a home-style treat. One can opt for a Thali. Priced at Rs. 150/ the Fish Thali offers a big helping of Prawn Hooman. These prawns are generous and fresh too. Add to that the teesroi the kishmur, the sol kadi, the local vegetables, the fish pickle, rice and fried fish. If the thick spiced masala is your choice opt for the Mutton Sukhem. And the Prawn Masala … the spices tickle the palate. The red spice plays havoc with the juices there. For those who would like the more popular fare try the Batter Fried Squids. No measly portions too.

Those who love their fish take a trip there. If you order Masala Fish Fry, you get an off the bone fillet the spice marination which has soaked into the filet before being fried – finger licking good. They have balanced their menu with a sprinkling of Continental and Indian too. The Paneer Tikka is good and for those who would like a change in their regular home-cooked meal. And it’s all value for money too. So this season take time off to Peep into this Kitchen.