One does not need to learn about Pythogoras Theorem if we look at certain restaurant that goes by that name. Five balanced sides – what does it entail from a diners viewpoint. If one looks at the area of the pentagonit is the combined areas of the five triangles. Let’s go practical. In this Pentagon the five right angled triangles very clearly focuses on: Food: The menu says it all. It’s multi-cuisine but with a focus on what the dinars look for. Definitely Goan – we are in Goa after all. Then seafood – is this not what Goa is famous for?Steaks – the preference of tourists and Goans alike. And old favourites like Prawn Sesame toast, Calamari Masala Fried, Crab Butter Garlic – there are some tastebuds that never change.

And there are some new sauce tried in the kitchen too – like the Filet steak with green peppercorn sauce. Spirits alive: they keep spirits alive especially through their well stocked bar. Entertainment and Timing: Goa is known for its music and the Pentagon is rocking every night seven days a week. Through lunch and dinner, for 12 hours at a stretch, they cater to the needs of one and all. Service: Very relaxed and friendly despite a packed house. tourists as well as locals feel very much at home. Décor: Cosy, well appointed – it’s a type of place that keeps you at ease as well sets the stage for fine dining service. Five facets equally balanced. Once upon a time proprietor Kanaga Raj has a small eatery which was shaped like a Pentagon. today due to the demand, the restaurant has grown in size but he has retained balanced outlook of his Pentagon, his five right angled triangles – important spects linked to culinary hospitality

0832 2881402
Opp. Majorda BeachResort, Majorda, Goa.


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