Trip to Goa this monsoon


Goa is one of the most mesmerizing beach destinations in the world. And it is stupendous to get tanned in Baga or Candolim taking part in various water sports. However in monsoon, the long beach walks can become very icky; with sand and water sloshing under your flip-flops and the violent waves crashing on the shore. But Goa goes beyond its sunny self; the state is even more vibrant in the monsoon, as the wilderness comes to life during this season.

To make the travel decision easier for you, I suggest a 4 day trip to Goa this monsoon. Hire a vehicle (since public transport in Goa is difficult to obtain) and also read up on a few places you must explore on your vacation here.

Day 1

Since you will arrive on this day, just relax. Visit the Dona Paula Jetty for a bird’s eye view of Goa. This is where the two famous rivers of Goa (Mandovi and Zuari) meet the Arabian Sea. You may get a chance to get splashed by the sea, as the turbulent weather conditions causes the waves to lash up only in this season. Visit the Cabo Raj Bhavan and gain knowledge of the tale of the generous Dona Paula (the place is named after her); also get spooked out in the British war-graves cemetery.

Day 2

The second day, you must visit the historical sites. Old Goa was the centre of Portuguese focus during its rule. The 16th century saw the development of many great Churches some of which have been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. Two of these monuments you must visit include:

  • Basilica of Bom Jesus, which means Infant Jesus. In addition, the Church also holds the body of St. Francis Xavier. The miracle is that his corpse is incorruptible (does not decay) even though, he died in 1552, his body is still intact.
  • Se Cathedral. It is one of the most ancient and is largest Churches in Asia. It took almost 100 years to complete the monument. The Cathedral is one of the few in the world that have received the Golden Rose from the Pope in 1953.

Day 3

Wildlife in Goa is in full bloom in monsoon. Hence wild life sanctuary must be on your bucket list. One of the best ways to explore Goa’s true wild beauty is by trekking. There are many tour guides that take you on trips exploring the states numerous waterfalls. The popular waterfalls of Goa include Dudhsagar, Arvalem Falls, Sada Falls and Hivre Falls. If you are daring and an adrenaline junkie, you must try out white water rafting. It is dangerous and fulfils every nature lover and adventure junkie’s dream.

Day 4

How can you leave Goa without taking back a souvenir? Last day is for shopping. The Flea Markets are the most exciting places for shopaholics. There are several markets, such as, the Friday Market in Mapusa, or Panjim New Market. Bargaining is a must! The food and music is bound to keep you energized throughout your shopping. Stalls are set up selling  items like jewellery, clothes, shoes as well as food. These markets are so large a full day (or night) is required to complete the entire area.

My above advice is for those who are travelling with a family. If you are a bachelor add Clubbing to your list as the clubs in Goa are known to keep you buzzing all night with their trance beats and skill full bar tenders. Don’t second guess taking a trip to Goa in the rain. Travel, stay and food will be much cheaper since it is off-season. Only this time keep your swimsuit and sunblock at home.