Truly Cool Wheels – A Tourist experience


Written by Anita A. Love-Williams

Goa is beautiful and beloved to me. Charmed by the panoramas, I bicycled around and this worked miracles in both my mobility and health during my lengthy stay. Being a tourist and quite naturally concerned for my health and safety, I chose to bicycle in eclectic North Goa. I used a comfortable cycle and I was flying around.

Safety first!

Safety is definitely a priority. You can attach a torch to the front of the cycle to navigate at night. Best of all, the cycle can sometimes go as fast as a bike. Exploring nightlife in groups is in my experience still possible as a bicycle rider. Along with a working cell phone, the doughtily cycling person should cruise confidently. Instead of releasing a stinking cloud of exhaust, exercise also fortifies bicycle users.

As an avid clubgoer, I also enjoyed pedalling at night with a turban on so that everyone thought I was a man. I felt no pull to drunken accidents and earned a pair of sculpted quads. I was no longer crippled by my unwillingness to handle the cumbersome motorbike. To top it all off, the hills were easy.

Viva Cycling! Viva Goa!

As a final note I would just like to add that cycling is healthy and there should be no problems admiring or encouraging it. Fame and legend surely await those who popularize the cycling Goa tourist.


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