Make Diwali sweets and snacks, with Poha

How many different types of poha are there? How many different ways to cook it?

Poha comes in different sizes/varieties according to the type of rice used and the thickness to which it is pressed. You can get poha that is thick, medium, thin (or paper poha as it is called) and nylon poha. Nylon poha looks transparent and has a kind of shine. It is thinner than paper poha. Both paper poha and nylon poha are used to make chivda, as both get crisp rather quickly.


Thick poha is used in making chivda, batata poha, kanda poha, huli avalakki, poha idli, adding to dosa batter etc. Medium poha is used for batata poha, kanda poha, huli avalakki, poha idli. Thin poha is used in making dadpe pohe, chivda, doodh pohe (milk pohe), dahi pohe (curd pohe).


Click here for 4 different types of poha recipes.

The vegetable cutlet poha or poha energy wheels are a delicious snack that’s ideal for the kids lunch box. The Indori Misal Poha uses mixed sprouts and turns the usual missal pav into something special. In the popular Maharashtrian Kandha poha, the dish is cooked along with fried onions. Finally, the usual batata poha gets an unusual twist by baking the potatoes and stuffing them with poha and cheese.

If you prefer sweets and have a sweet tooth, here’s a sweet poha recipe with milk, and jaggery. And here’s one that uses poha to make aval laddus

Information source: veg cooking recipe tips, and foopla

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