Storing for the rains – The Purumentachem Fest


“Purumentachem Fest” or stocking of provisions for the monsoons is a tradition followed by Goans
from the Portuguese era. Food items which would not be available during the monsoons are stocked
and used during the torrential rains to continue cooking of the aromatic, authentic Goan dishes.
This festival was celebrated in its complete traditional style in the comforts of Caculo Mall on 28th and 29th of May 2022. The fest was a CSR initiative by Caculo Mall in association with “Goencho Festakar” Mr.
Marius Fernandes.

The historic two day inclusive and accessible fest included local street vendors and differently abled vendors displaying their ware such as spices, salt fish (khare), local grains and pulses, pickles, tamarind, kokum, coconut oil and vinegar, traditional Goan sweets, Goan carpentry and pottery, not forgetting the all-time favourites – kaddio boddio, revddios, ladoos, chonne-biknam without which a Goan fest is never
complete, all of this accompanied with the melody of traditional Goan tunes.

Vendors from Taleigao selling their organic spices, salted fish and more

Besides the sale of provisions, there were panel discussions and awareness sessions, Konkani cultural programs, and workshops. Chef Irene Dias from Irene’s Culinary Studio conducted a workshop on making “Pudde”, a traditional Goan sweet, while Rama Parsekar, a 100% visually impaired computer teacher, conducted a “mollam” making workshop.

“Pudde” making workshop being conducted by Chef Irene Dias from Irene’s Culinary Studio
“Mollam” making workshop being conducted by Rama Parsekar

The inclusion of persons with disabilities made the fest special, giving them an opportunity to come
to the forefront and display their talents. A business platform by Disability Rights Association of Goa,
was launched at the hands of Mr. Shamik Caculo, Director of Caculo Mall. This platform will create awareness on products made by people with disabilities and provide them a market for their products. North Goa Collector – Ms. Mamu Hage, CMD Caculo Group – Mr. Manoj Caculo, and Goa State
Disability Commissioner – Guruprasad Pawaskar visited the Fest.

Customers interacting with vendors at the fest

The curator of the fest Marius Fernandes received tremendous feedback from the vendors and the public. He thanked the management of Caculo Mall for the CSR initiative which has given him the opportunity to empower numerous hardworking street vendors. He further added that events such as these provides a boost to the local community and we could be the last generation to enjoy this festival of provisions as there is so much of hill cutting, pollution of rivers and destruction of fields going on in Goa. The fest has been prudent in upholding culture and the tradition of authentic Goa while also encouraging local street vendors, local small-scale businesses and persons with disability to broaden their horizon.