Rain water harvesting may lead to economic growth in Goa

“Goa receives high amount of rainfall in contrast to our places of Maharashtra and Karnataka. We are looking at how to capitalise on this water resource, when we have water everywhere,” said director general, ICAR, Trilochan Mohapatra in a ToI report. He spoke about benefits of rain water harvesting.

Capitalizing on rain water harvesting

He was speaking at the 24th meeting of the VII ICAR regional committee organized at International Center Goa (Dona Paula). He said there is a lot of scope for rain water harvesting in Goa. “There is more than 2,000mm of rainfall in Goa in contrast to Maharashtra and Karnataka. We need to see how to capitalize on this water.” he added in the same report.

He also spoke of various economic activities (fisheries and animal husbandry) that can be undertaken in Goa. Once a better rain water harvesting and management system is adapted.


“ICAR is constantly researching on developing models. We can look at ways to use these models to promote and propagate fisheries on a large scale in the state. Goa certainly has tremendous scope for animal husbandry as well. We need to have breeds that will produce more yield,” he was quoted.


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