Goa Trip Story: Beach, Food, Adventure, Casino, Nightlife

Review of Goa From A Local Goan To Tourists. Goa Travel Honest Review


There’s so much to see, do, experience, and learn here that it would take a lifetime to see it all, but I’ve been here forever.

Goa is India’s most westernized and laid-back state, and life in Goa is very inexpensive (by Western standards). The days are warm and inviting, with plenty of beaches, restaurants, markets, nightlife, nature, and culture to discover.

I adore the combination of Indian and Portuguese culture, and because Goa attracts visitors from all over the world, there’s a vibrant population of expats, hippies, and long-term residents. Life in Goa is unlike any other — you’ll have to visit to understand why I adore it so much.

Why Come To Goa?

  1. Variety of beaches, beach shacks (Goa Beach Review)
    There are numerous gorgeous beaches in this state, making it very appealing to both Indian and non-Indian tourists.

    Many people regard the beach in Goa as a place to unwind, socialize, and participate in activities. You can come for a long walk at sunset or even sunrise, participate in sports such as jogging, ride a bike along the seemingly endless shore, swim, dive, or participate in water sports.

    The list goes on and on. Furthermore, each beach appears to have an own character; some beaches are quite tranquil and quiet, while others are more vibrant and entertaining. It is entirely up to you where you want to spend your vacations or live.

    Furthermore, there are numerous ambient beach shacks that serve reasonably priced and delectable seafood and other Indian specialties. You can come for lunch or a beer during the day, relax, and swim, or come for dinner at sunrise. Every beach house has a few beach mattresses where you can stretch your tired body 🙂
  2. Numerous tourist attractions (Goa Tourist Review)
    There’s the Anjuna flea markets on Wednesdays, the Arpora Night Market, the Dudhsagar waterfall, a tour of the southern and northern beaches, a cruise on the Sal River, and sightseeing of Goa’s capital or Old Goa.
  1. Stress-less life far away from rat race (Working at Goa)
    In Goa, you may sense time slowing down and stopping for a bit before speeding up and slowing down again.

    I don’t wear flip flops to work and sip rum from a beach typing over my laptop. It’s not that deadlines or schedules are ignored here. Goans working here are highly ambitious. There’s almost zero traffic with eateries and cafes at walking distance from even the remotest office locations.

    You may completely unwind and forget about the stresses of city life. In Goa, I realized how much time I saved while commuting. The work life balance here is way better than Delhi, Bangalore or Pune.

    Everything you need to survive is within walking distance, including a wide range of local shops, restaurants, pharmacies, cafes, beach shacks, and entertainment venues. There are also a lot of dentist offices, doctor’s offices, and beauty salons to choose from. You now feel like you have more time for daily tasks, which motivates and inspires you.

    People are more concerned with mingling and having fun than with working and winning the competition. It’s not that people don’t work here or don’t want to make money; it’s just that people have different perspectives on work and time.
    The sunrise heralds the beginning of the day and the sunset heralds the end.
  1. The simplicity here beats everything (Living in Goa review)
    You don’t need as many items to live in the country as you do in the city; for example, you don’t need as many clothes because the temperature is fairly consistent here, and all you need are a decent pair of flip flops, a comfortable dress, a top, or a pair of shorts.

    Forget about all the many shoe types you’ll need for four seasons, as well as socks, jackets, sweaters, and coats.

    You won’t need make-up because, first, it’s too hot, and second, you’ll get a fantastic tan if you sunbathe responsibly:). The humid climate is beneficial to your skin since it keeps it hydrated.

    Without arranging an appointment, you can have a massage at the beach shack whenever you want.
    You don’t need a fancy mode of transportation because the Goan roads are ideal for a motor scooter or a modest automobile. You can also take public transportation, such as a tuk-tuk or a cab.
  2. The perfect climate doesn’t exi… (Goa Climate Review)
    Despite its reputation as a hot and humid destination, Goa’s climate is actually rather pleasant for visitors. Many elderly folks who are accustomed to the Goan climate live here.

    You can always find a cool hideaway in the beach shacks or sit in the shade if the weather is too hot. The sea wind is almost always present on the beach, keeping the temperature cool and not too hot.

    Everyone has ceiling fans or air conditioners, which provide some relief during the day if you stay in.

    Many people are accustomed to coming out in the evening to watch the sunset and eat dinner because shops, restaurants, and other attractions are open later.

    The Goan pre-monsoon season, which runs from March to May, is the hottest of the year, with temperatures reaching 35/36 °C (95/97 °F), though not as high as other parts of India.

    This occurs in part in the months following the monsoon, particularly in October and November, when the temperature increases to 34/35 °C (93/95 °F). The weather is usually hot and sunny in the winter, from December to February. In addition, Goa has a monsoon season that lasts from mid-June until the end of October.

    Some days, especially in July, are quite rainy, making it difficult to venture out; nonetheless, nature flowers gloriously, and you can take a break from the tourist season.
  1. Friendly atmosphere and people (Goa hospitality review)
    Everywhere you go, you meet nice and polite people who want to talk to you and strike up a brief conversation.

    The property has a very pleasant aura that makes you feel at ease and calm. Some people may be trying to sell you something, but that does not prevent them from being pleasant and helpful. You can always decline to buy something or eat in a particular establishment.

    Nobody makes an effort to persuade you to do so. People merely smile at you, which is perfectly usual in this part of the country.
  2. Pubs, Theaters and Casinos (Goa Activities Review)
    There are numerous entertainment venues in Goa, including Karaoke bars, live music bars, nightclubs, and casinos. If you enjoy partying or trance music, the north, such as Baga or Calangute beach, is the place to go; if you want a more tranquil atmosphere, the south, such as Colva or Palolem beach, is the place to go.

    Because alcohol is inexpensive in Goa, it attracts a large number of Indian tourists who can finally enjoy themselves fully, especially if they are travelling from regions where partying is prohibitively costly (Delhi, Mumbai) or where alcohol is forbidden (Gujarat).

    In Goa, there are both budget-friendly nightclubs and luxury clubs where you may burn a hole in your wallet.