What should I avoid in Goa?

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You make the decision to travel to Goa in order to take a vacation from your mindless 9 to 5 job. Yes, it’s party time! But wait a second, just there.
Goa offers several things, including alcohol, beaches, water sports, and late-night parties. There are some things you can’t or shouldn’t do here, despite the fact that it’s our favourite prison escape from the rest of the nation and our life. Here is a list of activities that you should avoid when in Goa so that you may relax in this lovely city.

  1. Hiring taxis without asking the price
    They’ll be shouting everywhere, following you, and honking at you like it’s no big deal. Open that door instead and avoid entering one of them without asking the fare.

    They do adhere to metres or tariff cards but that’s a certainty only if it’s prepaid at the airport or train station.

    These could burn a hole through your wallet, along with the rickshaw wallahs, so best is to ask the fare, maybe even bargain a bit.

    Other options are renting a bike or four-wheeler for yourself instead. You’ll find these to be considerably more affordable. Of course, if you find the taxi fare reasonable, it’s the most comfortable of options 🙂
  2. Look for dustbins unless you want to get fined
    Goa’s beaches are adored for their white sand and crystal-clear waters. But don;t litter!

    Don’t become the haphazard bunch of folks that drop beer bottles on the sand with various types of wrappers.

    Avoid doing this. Spitting or leaving trash in this lovely city hurts, both physically and psychologically.

    Keep those beaches pristine for future visitors. Use those innumerable trash cans wisely instead. Thank you for listening.
  3. Don’t leave cash in hotels
    Keep in mind to just pack the bare necessities and valuables as you are packing.

    Money and other valuables shouldn’t be left in the room once you get in Goa because it isn’t secure.

    The majority of it will then need to be carried by you. Keep your wallet secure and avoid wearing too much jewelry that contains diamonds or gold. The best course of action is to regularly utilize the ATM.
  4. Shooting Anybody! With camera of course!
    Photography enthusiasts out there will want to take pictures of those breathtaking monuments, beaches, and sunsets.

    On the other hand, avoid taking pictures of strangers. You can upload a billion stories or posts, but it’s offensive and against the law to take random photos of other people without their consent.
  5. Ogling like owls
    Goa has several beaches, so it stands to reason that there will be plenty of people wearing the sexiest attire. But that does not give you the right to stand on the beach and stare at people with a glare that is both hungry and unsettling. Yes, adoring is acceptable. Take a look, then let it go. You don’t want to come across as the intrusive, disrespectful type. Take note: Nobody enjoys being continually observed.
  6. Moving around naked, high or drunk
    It might be acceptable on every beach in every other nation, but not here. Despite being the party capital of India, Goa adheres to the same laws and values as the rest of the nation.

    So long as you always have something on, you are free to wear whatever you choose, including bikinis, shorts, and other clothing. Also, keep in mind that excessive PDA is not permitted.
  7. I love Goa T’s
    I understand that you are there and that you adore the location. Because who doesn’t adore Goa? But it doesn’t mean you have to walk around wearing a “I Love Goa” t-shirt the entire time you’re there to declare your love.

    Goans do not like it and find it to be quite inconvenient. Put on one of these if you still feel the need to be made fun of.
  8. Encouraging hawkers
    People will crowd around you as soon as you enter Goa, eager to take advantage of the opportunity to empty your bank account.

    Run because you might end up being robbed or having your money stolen. The shadiest individuals will approach you, give you the best and most affordable “stuff” and take you to the trendiest “partehs”. Simply remain as far away from them as you can.
  9. Becoming Tiger Shroff or overdoing
    Goa is recognized for its exhilarating water activities, making it the ideal location for you, at least in India, if you enjoy that kind of activity.

    But there are risks involved in every one of these sports.

    Therefore, if you intend to engage in activities like parasailing or surfing, for example, make sure to hire a qualified teacher to guide you through the process.

    Try not to pretend to be a superhero. You’ll just end up in a hospital ward if you do that.

    Alcohol and parties are abundant in this city. Not only that, but the alcohol is cheap. So go ahead and party wildly and binge drink, but do so responsibly.

    The locals won’t like it if you lose your cool and start arguing with them, so try to avoid doing that.

    Additionally, you do not want to be intoxicated while operating a vehicle or lying on the beach and end up in difficulty with the law or, for that matter, crabs.

Just a few fundamental observations like these will help you have a wonderful experience. Aside from that, I wish you a fantastic time in Goa. #GoaAmche #VivaGoa #ILoveGoa