Smoke those senses to the grills!

Route 66, a road in America for all the highway riders and drivers to stop by for a diner has now found a route to inspire itself to Goa. The muse of its existence is one little dream in a man named, Xavs Norr, to ride that road Route 66 in the states. Such has his dream led him to transform it into a restaurant named right after that very road, situated in the capital state, Panjim also a place where the fun never stops. Well, if you haven’t been to this mouth watering ‘Route 66’, let the aroma take you as its smoking hot grills tickle your nose, keeping your taste buds tempted and your tummy rumbling. Oh you won’t be able to resist and once you don’t, you will find it even harder. As the owner himself puts it, this restaurant is nothing but a ‘hardcore diner’. In simple, you can’t expect a gourmet experience but you can certainly get one that’s just as worth. Realizing that the young and the old crowd needed that hot meal that could break into their schedules, livening up their spirits to set out again, Xavs decided to give them just that. An American styled experience that can take your breath away. When you step foot into ‘Route 66’,other than the amazing amiable service that greets you, comfort gets your better attention. Although it doesn’t have a 5-star appearance, it has an environment accompanied with music and chatter of people that does not seem to annoy you one bit. You can even choose your comfort zone as they expand it to an outdoor seating area that has the chefs’ right there cooking before your eyes with a smile. This delectable restaurant will treat you to an experience that finds no end to more but puts an end to searching.

Starting out its service four months back, 24th April 2014 to be precise, this buoyant ‘hard core diner’ as the owner calls it, has you enjoying comfort with your food. You seem to care less about the fact that what fills this small yet incredible place is the voice of people because what you’ll only be interested in is the food that you want your stomach to fill with. When you enter this incredibly comfortable and light air-filled restaurant, you won’t help but notice the décor. The walls have portraits that blend in the setting of the environment. The bar right at the front has itself displaying to you all the kinds of breads that constitute burger bread, garlic bread, hot dog bread and a few more all out front. Xavs has described his service as the ‘bold American’ style one as they serve on boards with knives, when it comes to burgers, the knife is pierced right through the centre of the burger. Now that’s bold! Step into a restaurant like this and let the décor sweep you off your feet and the food will do the talking. The primary concept of the restaurant as Xavs Norr himself puts it is to ‘Burger Panjim out!’ He extends this concept to the entire state and he wants that people enjoy being carnivorous. With a whole variety of burgers, steaks and new salads dishing up day after day, the place gets the crowd coming as well. Their service being so warm keeps the customers visiting as often as they would home. It’s ‘hats off!’ to them. All you have to do is savor the moment and replay them for as many times as you want. (Which means, come back for more!)

Now for a way to start, a good recommendation would be to try out their ‘Mojito’. Boy that’s a drink to start your day. As you sit there sipping on it, every sip will mesmerize you with its mixture of flavors that are just so refreshing with ice. Served in a jar that one would probably use for pickle, this drink gets your mouth melting but not the ice. The jar keeps it cool. And once you’ve drank of it, it will bring to life those cool vibes. But hold on, that’s just the start! Specializing in burgers, it doesn’t only make them look tempting, but leaves you tempted once you’ve tried them. Layers of grilled meat over more meat with sauces and jalapenos and chilies for the spice, oh there’s no end to that scrumptiousness. Maybe it can even happen to make you want to celebrate the fact that you are a non-vegetarian. Oh yeah, It’s that good!! If you’re looking for a perfect non-vegetarian burger, the ‘Wolverine’ burger gets the award. It’s absolutely burger of the restaurant and meal of the day. Treat your taste buds to whatever your nose tempts it to. Don’t miss out on their other variety of selections that includes pizzas, sandwiches, steaks, hotdogs, salads and a variety of appetizers. If you happen to like ‘rib’ dishes, here’s good news for you. They now give you the option for ordering a full portion rib when earlier it was only available at smaller portions. You’d probably have to force yourself to go easy on them after that. Although this place is American styled with walls displaying the western kind of portraits, the dishes they serve are cooked using mostly local ingredients. It won’t cease to amaze you the fact that they can actually bring cooking to your table. With the help of a jar with shrimp cocktail, white wine and a smoking gun that gets captured in the jar, the restaurant can bring to your table smoked prawns that once has reached your table will require 20 seconds before being opened and enjoyed right away. And so does their ‘flambe steak’ come to you with the ‘cooking on your table’ style. There could be nothing better you could ask for because the best comes straight to you. It’s a place that treats you to those sensational grilling burgers and steaks, smoking up those senses and giving way to letting loose over their variety of appetizers. Route 66 is one place you can’t afford to miss. The first ‘Goan Man verses Food’ event was held right at this place wherein 6 foodies had to face the test of finishing up a three course meal within the span of 45 minutes or less. It was a moment to remember!

Fun as it sounds, so it is! A restaurant where moments get better as the food does and surprises overflow like their love behind all the cooking. It’s not just any diner, it’s the perfect diner! And in a diner like that, you can’t possibly ask for anything better. So if you’re still wondering where to go on a busy day, it’s about time you know! It’s anytime Route 66, the route that takes you one adventure that will lead you back to it every time! A route that gets you to a place where the comfort never ends as their service enlightens you to their cozy ambience with the sound of music just adding to it all! If you want to have a good meal, a meal that’s worth the cost, then there’s no better place to be at than at Route 66, the best diner in town! It’s far from being just any route in the states, it’s a route that has found its way to the heart of Goa and definitely will find its way to the heart of folks.

91 9623922796
Avanti, opposite Patto bridge Rua De Oreum Mala, Panjim, Goa.