Saint helps top cop solve murder mystery

Nothing short of a Revelation

In what is known as ‘Revelation’, St. Anthony (a Roman Catholic Saint attributed as the Patron Saint for the lost and stolen articles) came to the rescue of one of his ardent followers.

It took Sammy Tavares, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Canacona), nothing less than a hearts cry for help to his patron saint Anthony of Padua.

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DSP Sammy Tavares

According to Sammy, “On 13th morning at about 9am when I received a shocking news about a naked dead body of a foreigner female at Canacona, the first thing I did was to pray Jesus and St.Anthony who is my patron. It was a Tuesday, St. Anthony’s day. I demanded with St.Anthony to intervene and help me in solving this sensational case. Within few hours of investigations, we came across a clue, upon which we worked out and within 4 hours the suspect was put behind the bars. On further investigations, he confessed of having involved in the gruesome murder of the innocent lady. I thank Jesus Christ n St. Anthony for hearing my prayers.”  


‘Faith can move mountains’, it is said. That’s just what happened in the case of DSP (Canacona), Sammy Tavares.


 Goa needs many Sammy Tavares’s it seems, for all the murder mysteries that go unsolved.

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1 thought on “Saint helps top cop solve murder mystery”

  1. Isn’t that lovely and at the same time very unfortunate that he hasn’t been able crack the murder cases of Felix Dahl and Jimmy Durkin in this same manner. Maybe he should try talking to Jesus Christ and St. Anthony one more time.

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