79% of schools in Goa do not have a full time librarian


The Union Human Resources Development Ministry’s DISE pointed out that while all schools in Goa have a library, only 21 per cent of them have a full-time librarian. The other 79 percent of libraries only have a ‘lower division clerk’ (LDC) who doubles-up as a librarian.

Over the years the appointment of full-time librarians for schools in the state was overlooked, says Director of Education G P Bhat. This resulted in an improper allocation of librarians.

“Until last year, any librarians appointed in schools were recruited to the post of a lower divisional clerk-cum-librarian. Not exclusively as librarians,” he said. (Source: ToI)

In 2016, 40 people were appointed to schools across the state as full-time librarians. 189 posts were created by the government for 2017. However, recruitment had to be put on hold due to the election model code of conduct coming into force on January 6.

What’s the way ahead?

Under a new scheme, schools having libraries with more than 5,000 books will get a full-time librarian. Presently LDC-cum-librarians are tied up with other official duties, diverting their attention. However, full-time librarians will help students in exploring books and be a part of activities such as author visits and others.