Sea Food

A small eatery that specialises in Sea Food : Sanil Bar and Restaurant


Not far from the highway, in a bylane, next to the Amrekar Temple in Porvorim, nestled on the corner of two streets is a small little eatery that specialises in Sea Food. Specifically, the ever-so-famous ’Fish Thali’, loved by the locals and tourists

Sanil Bar and Restaurant started by Shivram Naik 15 years back now run by his illustrious son.  Anil joined his father two years after the business began only to turn the business into a roaring success.

Sea Food is Anil’s speciality

Anil says, “If you want Sea Food then visit us”.  The one thing that sets him apart is his location. restThough just off the NH17, the area is quiet
and private, just perfect to sip a beer in the warm afternoon breeze over a plate of xenanio (mussels), prawn or kingfish rava-fry.

And, importantly, he is open at night as well serving up a ‘special fish thali’ that comes with tasty prawn curry or king fish curry. In Goa, getting a  ‘fish-thali’ at night is almost rare. 

Variety of fish available

musselsThe restaurant serves a variety of fish delicacies besides the famous fish thali. Available on the menu – Crabs prepared in masala (Xec-Xec), Bombay ducks rava fry, Tisreos sukhem (dry), and the catch of the day. Bangdas (Mackerel) are seasonal, available during the months of August to October. While King Fish is available throughout the year but can be pricey. The fish much sought after by all, the Chonak (sea bass),

Tamso ( red snapper) and Modso, besides King Fish (Viswon) and prawns. Shark ‘amot-tik’, a mouth-watering delicacy.

Working days

Sanil Bar and Restaurant is open throughout the week except for Mondays.Open from 12.30 am to 3.30 pm and then again from 7 pm to 11 pm.

So if you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track fish-thali place in Porvorim, then Sanil Bar and Restaurant is the place.

Shifting to a new venue under a new banner

“This place is not an ownership one, and so we will be shifting to a new venue close by under a new name”, says Anil Naik.  “ The new restaurant will serve all types of food and will be a much bigger one than the current one”.

Having eaten there a couple of times already, I’m sure to go back for more.