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Sea travel along the western coast? Ahoy Mumbai-Goa!

Sea travel to get cheaper

Under the aegis of The Ministry of Shipping, four major ports on the western coast viz. Mumbai Port, Mormugao Port (Goa), Mangalore Port and Cochin Port have come together to reduce port handling charges with a view to promoting domestic and international cruise traffic. Now sea travel along India’s picturesque Western Coast will become a reality. More facilities, more vessels and greater trade and tourist influx.

The disappearance of the Mumbai to Goa passenger ships left many-a-goan heart broken. Now, thanks to the Ministry of Shipping, you can soon sail right from Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore and Cochin, even onwards to Sri Lanka!

Mormugao likely to increase docking capacity

With 36 cruise liners already having docked at the port until now and 47 more scheduled to sail in, Chairman I. Jeyakumar said the MPT has set its sights on a minimum of 100 cruise ships visiting the state annually, by the year 2022. “There is a general view that cruises are a loss-making business. It is not so,” he said. Both, national and international cruise ships dock at the MPT.


Mormugao Port Trust is also planning to develop a cruise complex west of the breakwater so that two cruise vessels can be accommodated at a time. Currently, if two cruise ships arrive around the same time, one is permitted to dock at the cruise berth while the other is accommodated at the cargo berth.

Simplifying immigration procedures

Along with this, the home ministry has also simplified the immigration procedure and has permitted five seaports – Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Goa and Mangalore – to receive tourists coming with e-visa.

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