Strong ties bind Portugal and Goa together

Goa-Portugal ties

Anyone that’s lived or visited in Goa knows all about the strong ties that the state has with Portugal. The Portuguese ruled Goa for over 450 years before the state was liberated in 1961. In spite of this, it has still left behind a ton of influences in many aspects of Goan life. Goans have […]

Students from Goa to embark on a culinary journey to Portugal

The students of V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) are gearing up to embark on a month-long culinary adventure to Portugal in the coming week. 10 outstanding students have been shortlisted by the institute to visit the country as part of a knowledge exchange programme. The initiative stems from an MOU signed […]

Debate on Goans registering their birth in Portugal

The South Goa Advocates’ Association (SGAA) has chosen a panel to debate on the topic of ‘consequences of birth registration of Goans in Portugal’. Eminent personalities such as Rajeev Gomes, Aires Rodrigues, Ramakant Khalap, Radharao Gracias and Cleofato Countinho will make up the panel. The moderator for the debate will be Retired Justice Nelson A […]

How Portugal lost its Golden goose?

Goa before the arrival of the Portuguese was an important trading centre for Vijayanagara Empire and Bahamani Sultanate. The territory was later transferred to the successor state of Bijapur Sultanate. After the Portuguese took over Goa in the 16th century inflow of wealth and prosperity continued. But, things took an ugly turn and Prosperous Portuguese […]

Journey of Love and Adventure: The Story of Myron and Sushmita

Introduction Myron and Sushmita, a couple deeply in love and driven by a shared passion for travel and content creation, have an inspiring story that spans a decade. Their journey, which began in 2014, has seen them explore multiple countries, create engaging travel content, and build a supportive online community. Based in London, UK, they […]

Dr. Deepti Pinto Rosario

Pinto Rosario Hospital – A Testament to Excellence Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Porvorim, Goa, Pinto Rosario Hospital stands tall as a beacon of excellence in women’s healthcare. Established in 1938 by the eminent Dr. Antonio Pinto do Rosario, this institution has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing safe, compassionate, and comprehensive care […]

3 Portuguese Mansions in Goa

Braganza House- Banquet

Welcome to the whimsical world of Goan charm, where saudade meets sunshine and the history tells tales in every cobblestone corner. In Goa, amidst the scent of vindalho and the salty breeze of the Arabian Sea, lie the Portuguese mansions – architectural treasures from a bygone era of spice and exploration. These vibrant edifices, with […]

Mar Salgado: Crafting Functional Works of Art

In the picturesque village of Carmona, nestled in the coastal haven of South Goa, resides Ana Margarida Esteves, a 34-year-old industrial product and furniture designer. A native of Portugal, Ana has been living in Goa since 2019. In 2022, she founded an enterprise called “Mar Salgado”. The enterprise is a project which aims to encourage […]

Embark on a Culinary Adventure at Isabella’s Tapas Bar, Panjim

In the heart of Panjim city lies a hidden gem that transports you straight to the vibrant streets of Spain and Portugal – Isabella’s Tapas Bar on MG Road. Nestled in the bustling scene of Goa, this cool Spanish-style restaurant is redefining the culinary experience with its enticing menu and lively atmosphere. Just a year […]

GIM starts annual admission process; announces collaboration with top Portuguese B-school

Panaji, Dec 2023 – While unveiling its first such collaboration with one of Portugal’s leading business schools, the Nova School of Business and Economics, the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has announced the opening of student admission processes for the 2024-26 academic period, offering a diverse range of programmes, including a groundbreaking International Double Degree programme […]